Where to Buy Maternity Swimwear

Finally summer! With the arrival of the warm (finally!) and the first departures for vacations, the sea is one of the most popular destinations, even for a jump over the weekend or on Sunday. For those with a big belly, however, there is the issue of maternity swimwear. It is to say that if a few years ago to find a cute swimsuit aesthetically but also functional was almost a mirage, now things are very different and often do not even need to spend very high.
There is something for all tastes:

  • bikini:

Where to Buy Maternity Swimwear

ideal for those moms who have no trouble showing their baby bump, and wanting to feel sexy even nine                months pregnant (but there are also the bikini with adjustable bottom in height, which becomes almost a              bathing suite);

  • maternity swimwear full: perfect for those who don’t want to reveal too much on baby bump yet accentuate even more her femininity. He is also the great swimwear if you are following a course of swimming lessons in the pool, convenient and that does not restrict the movements;
  • maternity swimsuit trikini: maternity swimwear is “modern”. Basically it consists from slip more a tank top with plunging neckline, but that goes soft on baby bump and that, if necessary, can also be raised for sunbathing on the belly.

But where to buy these swimwear? We give us some advice.

Maternity swimwear, the shops in town

Let’s see together what are the best brands to buy a maternity swimwear for the sea or the pool, nice and cheap.
We start from one of the most famous brands in terms of maternity wear, or Prenatal. The choice on the site is limited to one boss, but certainly in the store closest to your home there will be more choice. Typically, prices are average.
Then there is the Decathlon, which is specialized in sportswear, so it will be perfect for those looking for a maternity costume to go to the pool. The prices are very low, wandering between 15 and 20 euros.
Who offers maternity swimwear colored for summer 2016 is BonPrix: you can either shop online than go to the store nearest you. Prices range from 15 to 30 euros.

The shops online

If you are looking for more choice for shopping, then you can’t help but see the sites specialize in maternity wear. Here are those who currently appear to be the best and most provided:

  • Mom Fashion
  • ASOS
  • Zalando