Where to Dive in Brazil

How about putting your Subacqua products in the luggage, getting on a plane and travelling to Brazil? From North to South, dive-loving people have a wide range of wonderful options to have a rich underwater life. After all, there are always 8000 kilometres of coastline.
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Fernando de Noronha is a great place to test your  Subacqua products.

Islands, dunes, bays, estuaries, coral reefs and cliffs, these are just a few examples that demonstrate how the Brazilian coast is rather diverse. Although there is such a difference, all these sites have one aspect in common: underwater. There’s always a lot of treasures to discover, in terms of fauna and flora, which even surprise the more experienced divers.
Moreover, because of this variety, one can always find perfect haven and he can have more dives in the curriculum, both for those who are a little more amateurs and people who are experienced.
It is impossible to make a list of areas for diving in Brazil with Subacqua products and do not refer to Fernando de Noronha. This is a recommended destination for both beginners and professionals. The archipelago is composed of 21 Islands and it has a lot of attractions. Since the temperature of the sea water is around 28 degrees, the underwater visibility extends up to 70 meters.

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See other locations for diving in Brazil:

ATOL das Rocas is located in Pernambuco, right next to Fernando de Noronha. This site brings two small islands together and is the first marine reserve established in Brazil, in 1979. However, you must have permission from the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) to dive into the water.
Beautiful name of this paradise, located in Mato Grosso do Sul, it couldn’t be more appropriate. It is possible to find the Anhumas abyss in crystal-clear waters, a cave that hides a beautiful lake. To get to this stretch of water, one should get down from abseiling at a height of 72 meters. The masks, diving bottles and fins of the Subacqua have never been so necessary!
Arvoredo Island, the Subacqua products are also indispensable at this location. It is the place which divers want to go most throughout the southern region of Brazil and it is especially suitable for the more experienced divers. Although the waters are cold and there is a low visibility, there is a very intense marine biodiversity, consisting of turtles, octopus, mullet, stingrays and groupers and many other species. The highlight also is the locations of shipwrecks, including small boats and even ancient war craft cannons.
Before diving in the beautiful seas of Brazil and discovering so many treasures, choose Subacqua products to let your diving travel more comfortable and safe.
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