Which Blouses Stand Me?

Blouses styles for each character type

As longtime blouses specialist we love blouses and their diverse design possibilities. But also obtained by the magazine textile industry rating “Top Brand blouses 2013,” is that ETERNA certifies the market leader in processing, fit and price-performance ratio. In a four-part series of articles on the vintage blouses we would like you for the beauty, diversity and many facets of women’s blouse delight. In our first article explains which Blouses types exist and which blouse best suits you.

What exactly is a blouse?

Which Blouses Stand Me?

Women’s blouses has expanded rapidly since its beginnings as a carter coat or dust blouse French crusaders on an eventful history. As outerwear for women, they have established themselves in almost every woman’s wardrobe since the Biedermeier period of the 19th century and are available in various types and forms. As Business blouse in the workplace than chic silk blouse evening or as a casual shirt or Polo shirt are blouses an absolute must-have for the modern woman and flatter every figure type.

Blouses are the female counterpart to the men’s shirt, but differ in most cases significantly cut and shape. Similar to the men’s shirt are only shirt, lapel blouse and blouse with high neck . However, the button bar is located at buttoned blouses ladies left, while sitting at table Men rather right. Likewise, the blouse is adjusted in contrast to straight-cut men’s shirt in most cases by the bust dart and waist of the female body shape.

Which blouses are there?

Blouses are – as already mentioned – optical multi-talents in different shapes and materials. Among the best known blouses types include:


The blouse as blouses Classic heard as a kind of basic equipment in any female wardrobe. Versatile combination they can both chic and classic in the office or casual – possibly knotted belly – be worn during leisure time. Originally strongly based in design to the straight-cut men’s shirt with sleeves, there is the shirt now also more feminine, tailored designs with seams and bust darts. Bags, Watch and different sleeve lengths additionally provide visual variety. Blouses are available with various collar styles:

  • Classic shirt collar
  • Roundshirt collar with rounded collar points: This collar shape can narrow faces appear slightly wider.
  • Narrow button down collar that can be festgeköpft on the shirt and is therefore ideally suited for wearing under sweaters.


  • To prevent unsightly wrinkles tension, the buttons of the shirt should be closer to each other at a slightly fuller bust.
  • In everyday working life please in conservative industries never more than the top two buttons open.
  • Unlike the men’s world is the shirt collar worn again over the Blazers.

Lapel collar blouse

The lapel collar blouse corresponds to a blouse with lapel collar – borrowed from jackets and coats – its wearer considerably more extravagance gives as a classic shirt collar. Similar to the shirt and the lapel collar blouse is made ​​in the form fitted with section seams and bust darts. Collars are the short, face and shoulders widening lapel collar and elongated, the upper body stretching lapels.

Stand Collar blouse

The second of the blouse very similar Blouse is the so-called stand-up collar blouse that the neck of the wearer visually emphasized by the Asian-inspired collar and at the same time stretches the entire figure and can appear slimmer. At very short neck, however, another should prefer blouses form are selected. Even with the high collar blouse emphasize seams and bust dart the female figure. Patch pockets, jet pockets and flap pockets are among the most widely used kinds of pockets.

Slip blouse

A slip blouse has no end button and must be tightened over the head, hence the name slip blouse. Slip blouses models with high collar or shirt collar are however provided in most cases with a short placket to facilitate the “Slip”. In collarless slip blouses the neck is often shortened and relatively widely excised.


Wrap blouses have two loosely draped over each other fronts, which are mostly held by side or back knotted bands. A blouses seat reinforcing belt is conceivable. Commercially wrap blouses are available in many different models because neckline and collar shape are not standardized. Wrap blouses are true “Figurschmeichler” and fit due to their advantageous adaptation to the body shape for almost every figure.

Tunic or / Tunikabluse

The tunic looks back on a similarly long history as Marcus of ETERNA , our proud and unique men’s shirt from SwissCotton. In the Roman Empire worn as an undergarment and in the Middle Ages as a garment that is Tunikabluse also now becoming more popular, so also in the ETERNA online store . With their usually very large neck, their wide sleeves and its A-shaped tunic is extremely comfortable blouse that looks very favorably on most figure types and problem areas laminated optimal. Tunic blouses have in most cases, no collar and no end button and slip on. Tunics are available and often colorful patterned with different sleeve lengths and colorful. Due to the usually thin substance are tunic blouses with short sleeves perfect companion in the warmer months.

Carmen blouse

The folkloric Carmen blouse has its origins in Spain and is available with long or short sleeves. Your typical cutout leaves the shoulders free and is mostly just above the neckline. In this country, this form of the cutout also common in Tracht Blouses to find. The hem of Carmen blouse is gathered in most cases and decorated with ruffles.

Oversize blouse

Derived from the English oversize – in German Oversized – to draw oversize blouses by a particularly wide and in most cases with long fit. The classic button missing, so oversize blouses rather act like a shirt and can be worn over skirts and trousers. When combined with a blazer blouse should never be longer than the blazer, the classic business look oversize blouse is however less suitable.
To visually at this moment in ultramodern blouse not gain weight, you should not rely on your usual dress size, but prefer to use one to two numbers smaller oversize blouses. Alternatively, you can put the blouse also at a location in rock or waistband and the width, thereby reducing somewhat. Women with curves should be based on semi-fitted and A-line shaped blouse models recourse to look slimmer.