Why Use LED Candles

But as nice candlelit in the apartment is also-of dealing with real candles and tea lights or open flames and hot wax very dangerous vehicle that should not be underestimated, and have not only taken care of burnt fingers already so many times.
Of course it does not always come to the worst. Children like to play with the candle light and fire-that later the beloved has wooden table unsightly wax drops or the curtain black soot stains has gotten, wee will not deter to enjoy the light.

But why the Kerzenzauber to renounce cozy sofa evenings? Meeting the make stress, to remember the candles at bedtime necessarily identify? All combustible, and the beautiful, autumnal decoration material to keep a safe distance to the flame? Always keep access to the nearest faucet and possibly even a provide buckets of water?
Thanks to modern LED technology, it is now quite possible, quite easy to circumvent these dangers and still enjoy all the benefits of this very special decoration element. For a great, perfectly safe and environmentally friendly alternative to real candles and tea lights are LED candles and LED tealights.

On The Optics Matters: LED Candles Same Real Candles Like A Likeness

Hardly distinguishable from real candles and tealights wax, spread LED real wax candles and LED tealights romantic and relaxed comfortable atmosphere with flickering candle, however, to use an open flame without.
The secret here lies in the interior of the candles in the use of the latest technology of lighting-LED. Because virtually invisible, inside the modern real wax candles are hidden LEDs whose light is indistinguishable from the real candles at first sight and their soft glow and flicker forms an incomparable Dekoelement in the apartment.
But not only caused by a small, built-in candle microchip slightly flickering, authentic light LED candle looks deceptively made, but also the candle itself. It is not only the real candles are made ​​of wax, but also the modern, completely safe models with LED technology. Typical wax smell gentle flicker, atmospheric glowing candlelight, at the outer edge already downloaded spilled wax, and even the blowing out of the candle-for modern LED real wax candles no problem.
By the way: The royalty spilled wax although the feeling, the candle had been fired some time-but in reality the same moody image can also be enjoyed for hours or days later. For where real candles burn on one side and the wax is long no longer remained in the fishing bowls, because the slight drop in is down hanging wax LED candle solely decorative and will never lead to wrong deformed candle.

As LED Candles Work-And Why They Do Not Require A Plug

Your energy gets the LED candle mostly of commercial batteries, but also models can be selected with a battery. These are, like most LED tea lights, very conveniently charged on an included charging station.Thus, these candles are mobile and can completely flexible, precisely according to their own wishes and ideas throughout the house are distributed.
However, in order to not go over again in every room and every single candle “light” must, nowadays many modern LED real wax candles have a built-in timer that automatically other the candle according to customization and off again.
Depending on the design of LED candles, it is also possible not only themselves quite comfortably from the sofa with a supplied remote control to decide on and off each of the candles and their interval rhythm, but for example in color changing LED real wax candles also have their coloring.
Candles burning at night or in the absence of the owner? A real flame to check out a great hazard potential is! When LED candle? No heat generation, but a completely harmless light which they can quietly once left to themselves-for example, if one dozes.