Wide Leg Pants Plus Size

Many full ladies are afraid to wear pants because they think that they will look more full. However, this can be avoided if women with luscious figure observe three rules when choosing clothes.

Wide Leg Pants Plus Size
These are maximum simplicity of the silhouette suitable cut, mild charms. Many women believe that will look good only if they wear too baggy pants to hide underneath defects figure. This is a mistake.
The spacious clothes give even greater volume figure. So they should choose pants that visually keeps you slim figure, not to expand.
The fabric is very important, so full ladies should abandon trousers, light and transparent fabrics such as chiffon, but also from dry fabrics such as linen.

Brilliant fabrics also are not recommended because they reflect light and add you overweight. The black color gathered and but if your wide leg pants for womens sewn from fabric with satin effect, will get completely the opposite of keeps you slim.
Pants for obese women are perfect when made of thick knitwear smooth or soft cloth suitable for suits. Deep dark shades are perfect for trousers for ladies fluffy.
They will make your figure more slender, but that does not mean that you should wear only black slacks. Wonderful option is claret, dark green, dark blue, gray, brown and dark purple.
Remember, pastel and bright colors give excessive volume. Do not even think to go out with white, pink or yellow trousers if you want to look elegant.
Give up dividing the figure into two parts with the principle of combining black trousers and a bright shirt. Pants for obese women should be straight, with polished edges, which will lengthen the legs. Low waisted pants are appropriate, but keeps you slim in the waist and hips should be avoided.
Even if they are modern, torn pants are inappropriate for obese women. Rather they go trousers that slightly expands at the bottom. The pants have at least a half to cover the shoe.