Women's Winter Coat Fashion

Summer is short and it would be over much sooner; soon the weather begins to get chilly, and we women have already started preparing the wardrobe for the new season. One of the pieces of winter that can not miss in the female wardrobe is the coat. But in addition to get the bottom of the wardrobe pieces that were forgotten during the summer, it’s always good to start fresh, buying a few pieces that will make it successful in the new season.

The fur coats are perfect for the colder days of the year. Besides warming up women, it also make you more elegant. They should be comfortable, practical, modern and still comply with the main trends of the year. Thinking about it, I selected some models of fur coats the sets 2016 winter for you to create multiple looks.

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Fur coats winter 2016

Especially: The duster is a piece that suits many occasions of winter, however, it is ideal only for intense cold days. For being long and heavy, this type of coat for winter can combines with pants, pantyhose, dress and skirt. With it you can create a elegant and modern look.


One of the models of fur coats winter fashion 2016 that promises to be a hit with all styles of women is the blazer. This kind of coat can be used in fresh days, as well as cold days because there are various models of tissues. To enhance the silhouette, the tip is to choose bandaging models, because they highlight the waist. You can also choose a longer model that helps to disguise the belly and wide hips.

Trench Coat

The trench coat is one of the winter clothes which is more often seen among women, especially on rainy and cold days. Because it is very versatile and democratic, and this model can be used as a topcoat. For a more sophisticated look, the tip is to close all buttons on the coat and mark the waist with a belt or sash. In that way, you can also create a beautiful silhouette.

Leather jacket

Among the fur coats winter 2016 fashion, leather jacket could not be left out. Stylish and modern, the leather jacket is the perfect piece to assemble a casual look. It’s possible to mount several modern looks with a more stripped style in winter days. The neutral colors and color models are going to be on the rise next season.


The casaqueto is also a piece that can not miss in winter. For being democratic enough, it combines well with women of all ages. it is a coat which is shorter than the blazer and it is a more structured one, but it can be found in lighter fabrics.

Now that you’ve met the trends of fur coats for winter 2016, enjoy the end of the summer and start preparing your wardrobe for the coldest and elegant season of the year.

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