Women's Winter Fashion Clothing 2016

Yes, the end of the winter sales almost here. But never mind, the latest markdowns may be the opportunity of the best deals! Quick, shoppe few pieces unlabelled before jumping on the new collections …
A Perfecto
Timeless, the perfecto sets the tone. Rock and class, he will accompany you in this late winter to spring and give style to any outfit, even the most basic.

A Room in Graphic Patterns
Spotted on parades, graphic patterns – including tribal, ethnic and scratches – appear as one of the major trends this Spring-Summer 2016. So, advantage balances to play the precursory and we mix it all with sober and united parts.
A Watch
Just think of it, yet the watch is one of the accessories to buy during the sales. Often expensive, it’s an opportunity to have fun cheaply. More than just a convenient object, brands have made it a fashion accessory.
A Pair of Derbies
The derbies have made their comeback and we must say that one does not get tired. Inspired by the POLYHOBBIES, these shoes have not ceased to be reviewed and corrected. With a little dress, jeans or a tuxedo for a boyish look, all styles are allowed!
A Bohemian Dress
Again, big trend this spring-summer 2016, is the bohemian style. Straight out of the locker room of the 70’s, this trend already lasted for a few seasons. The hippie-chic style is mostly declines through games of transparency and lace, but we also love with patterns.
A Leather Skirt
The leather skirt is undoubtedly one of these fashion items that pass through the seasons and never faltering. Neither too short or too long, we love above all in its most simple variant: no nails, no sequins or unnecessary carnations.
A Pair of Sneakers
Whether you decide to seriously get back to the sport or just for his casual side, your pair of sneakers with you everywhere. Exit the Stan Smith that we have seen and reviewed recent months. This-time, the focus on originality.
A Leather Bag
Whether bucket, XXL, backpack, or more classic leather bag is a faithful companion, but above all, it takes time. So we adopt? And with the return of the seventies, why not try a fringed bag?