Wrong Clothes that Make You Look Fat

Often the clothes that we chose to use can create an erroneous visual perspective to others. Choose outfit we again commit the same mistakes, wearing clothing that do not favor. Our figure may vary, and the wrong clothes can make to see us with a few extra pounds.
Remember always to love yourself first of all and feel proud of your body. No matter the size you are, any of those you’ll look super good with what you get. But keep in mind some tips to prevent wear garments that are not favourable is not over.
When choosing your clothes you can influence you see more skinny or fatter in a second, not everything is based on the diet. You don’t have to stop eating to look more stylish, here the errors that you can be making when it comes to dress.
Wrong clothing that makes you look heavier instantly not ever stand it!
Linen another size: This is a common misconception in many people, we tend to buy clothes that are not of our size. Excess fabric can create the illusion of having more volume and the same thing happens if the size is too small. We recommend buying exactly your size to see you stylized.
Prints: If the print is very striking, you do see you with a few extra pounds. He is that they are small and not-so-colorful ways.
Horizontal stripes: If you’re too skinny you can afford to use them, but if you’re curvy we recommend not to use them, since they visually make you see with more volume.
Wicked Accessories: Accessories can be allies or enemies, you must be careful when using them. For example, if you have a few extra pounds do not use thin or thick rings, look for accessories that lengthen your face, scarves, earrings, etc.
Baggy pants: These you will not promote anything, treats that are your size in this way will wear tight but without exaggeration.
Excess of clothing: Okay wear more seasons of rain and cold, but not all the time. They will make you look more chubby and not going to promote anything.
Poor posture: This is very important, but detailed models. Be stooped they will make you look a belly that you don’t, instead being straightened will make you look more slender.
There are many varieties of clothing, styles and accessories that will make you look fatter unless you’re a, and this has nothing to do with your body style. These rules apply to all, tries to implement them and see how changes in your figure.
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