WWDC 2016-Summary: Can Your Iphone In The Future With Ios 10

The traditional Apple Developer Conference was packed with interesting new things this year. The four main pillars of the keynote were iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. In this post, we have summarized the most important for you.
The WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) 2016 aimed primarily at developers and gives them the opportunity to meet more than 1,000 Apple engineers and to try out new technologies, which are still a secret. This year’s Developer Conference as usual was initiated by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, which introduced new software products. First of all: This year all platforms of Apple updates (iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS).
So be a few new controls on the Apple Watch for 3 with watchOS, but the main focus was the performance this time on the biggest point of criticism, namely. Apps should start with the 3 version of watchOS much faster. OS X now adapts to the other platforms, and is called from now on macOS. Highlights of macOS, Sierra”are the integration of Siri, the unlocking of Apple devices such as the Mac with Apple Watch and tabs for all programs that support multiple documents.

WWDC 2016-summary: The iOS 10 news

To the declining sales of iPhones to make something, could Apple deliver innovations in terms of operating system, do not want to miss the user and not found in other devices. Software head Craigh Federighi showed at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, what can the new operating system. IOS 10, there are improvements in the user interface, music, navigation and messages. The new version press No button, to display the lock screen. The integrated sensor technology detects the lifting of the iPhone and can automatically illuminate your lock screen, virtually, but not innovative: Android there at a similar function already for quite some time.
A major overhaul has experienced the control system, which was now divided into several pages. A wiper leads right to the control elements for the music, a further swipe to control home automation (lighting, heating, garage door, etc.). Whether the corresponding switch on the iOS 10 settings can be configured, you left open. Applause was the fact that the digital language assistant Siri will in future open for developers. As an example, you among other things showed how you can now send money to friends about the FINTECH Enterprise Number26. Apple has updated its own maps app. The new interface should be easier to use and the navigation to work more effectively through use of the current traffic situation – developers can incorporate their apps in maps.

Get my iPhone or iPad iOS 10?

Apple is known for long and consistently to provide its devices with updates. But with each new operating system, some devices must be excluded on the basis of features and system requirements, but also the technical effort to deploy the updates for all devices. If your device in the following list is not found, it receives no iOS 10. If you do, you may naturally forward to the next update.

  • iPad 4 – iPhone 5
  • iPad air – iPhone 5c.
  • iPad air 2 – iPhone 5s
  • iPad Pro – iPhone SE
  • iPad mini 2 – iPhone 6
  • iPad mini 3 – iPhone 6 plus
  • iPad mini 4 – iPhone 6s
  • iPod touch of 6th generation – iPhone 6s plus

WWDC 2016-summary: Apple music with new appearance

In the meantime, Apple recorded 15 million paying users for its Musikstreamingdienst Apple music. The still young associated app is up, some air after we find. This air has filled now the company from Cupertion upwards with a few innovations: so was the app rebuilt now. The program is divided into four categories: library (library), For You (proposals tailored to the tastes of music), browse (explore and find music) as well as radio. The library is divided into playlists, artists, albums and songs. The fonts are larger, the operating concept is clearer. Overall a good development.

Home: Can the new smart home app

“With home” Apple has unveiled a new app, which is intended for the control of the electronics in your own four walls. It enables to control devices of from different manufacturers have a user interface. There are lights, the garage door, the surveillance cameras, or the blinds: everything can be controlled via the home app. The app is there for the iPhone, as well as for the iPad and even in simplified variant for the Apple Watch.

WWDC 2016: Update for iMessage

A special attention 2016 will put Apple at the developers Conference WWDC iMessage on its news app. So, there are now numerous ways to express themselves in creative ways. Among other things this creative options include speech bubbles with various animations, images can be provided with stickers and drawing can be sent. Moreover, it is now possible – WhatsApp says hello – to attach a link preview links. Descriptive text, titles and a preview image are shown so before opening the home page link. Texts and images can also become a sent hidden so that the recipient free must wipe the message. Of course, that all are many small gadgets, however, will drive the innovations the entertainment value of the iMessage conversations to the top – if you then uses.

Update for photos app

New photos app now automatically detects the content – or at least try. So are faces, landscapes and detects different objects. A relation is shown, for Apple’s photo app in addition, the albums and split stories are created automatically. Also now also location-based data are appended to the images or can read out the new photos app. Under the item, memories”(meaning memories), your photos can browse sorted by place. Furthermore creates an automatically customized layout of your images you the app and makes you even according to the mood of the stay (individually settable) a summary video of images. By the way: the Google features almost identical photos application already for over a year.

Highlights of iOS 10 summarizes

In the following summary, you will find thing that must be mentioned in the quick summary of innovations we described above, as well as a few.

  • Apple music: new design
  • Maps: better navigation, integration of apps developers
  • iMessage: many expressive possibilities
  • Siri works proactively and with third-party applications
  • pre-installed apps can be deleted
  • Live photos can be edited
  • Safari Windows side by side (iPad)
  • Revised photos app
  • Show the lock screen when the lifting of the iPhone

Conclusion: Android features now available for iOS users

iOS 10 makes new and innovative for Apple users quite a bit, what is known as unfortunately it from many other apps and operating systems. Who connects to Apple is still an innovation and clock-angebendes company, 2016 unfortunately was disappointed with the WWDC. Who wanted some exciting features and clever innovations and long necessary steps such as, for example, the opening of the said Assistant Siri for third-party developers, can look forward to the iOS 10 update for its iPhone. Assuming he has no iPhone 4S or older as well as iPad 3 or older. Because this device iOS 10 does not appear.