Xiaomi Mi4c: Perfect for iPhone to Android

We are in 2016 and that means that the vast majority of users and takes a while using a smartphone, regardless of make, model or even the same operating system. But the latter is key.
With few exceptions I have noticed that the user who started with an iPhone but Android is passed to assess Apple’s system and vice versa . That is, the system in which learn to develop is structured as principal and the others are systems that we have to adapt.
In part that is why an Android user will miss the share menu in iPhone, how to manage the background and the iPhone user will miss the experience or quality of applications, among other things.

Beyond subjective elements today both iOS and Android are stable and very decent system, although not perfect.
In case you want to change we have two paths, from Android to iPhone or vice versa. In the first case it is easy, we can choose between a normal iPhone or Plus model or as much’ll look the previous year. But going from iPhone to Android the variety of options is brutal.
That’s why you called my attention that two people I know who have used iPhone for a long time have passed, secondarily, to Android with a phone that could be the ideal candidate for this jump, the Xiaomi Mi4c.
This Chinese model seems in some ways to the iPhone but costs about a third of what it is worth the Apple mobile.
There are five aspects that positively draws attention:
Design : although it is a time before the flood of metal in the Mi4c printers Chinese manufacturers is very well built and used plastic is quality. It feels good in the hand.
House : one of the elements that they miss the iPhone users when they pass the camera is Android is that although there are moving with equal or better camera most do not reach the height. The Xiaomi Mi4c is not the best but it is a very decent camera.
Size : A powerful mobile and does not rise five inches is not common. The Xiaomi Mi4c has a weight / size / power ratio hardly improved.
Battery : Although my analysis said that the battery Mi4c was not one of the strengths we need to recognize that it is not bad and comparing it to the iPhone is a solid alternative.
System operating : MIUI ROM is clearly inspired by iOS and possibly how to use more similar to Apple ‘s system Android.
This does not mean that the Xiaomi Mi4c a perfect phone , but that’s a good choice for those who want to go from iPhone to Android and do not want the change is abrupt or those seeking a second mobile for not releasing the terminal Cupertino uniformity and value and not spend money equivalent to the cost of the iPhone.
If you are interested in a firsthand view you can listen to the podcast 86 of Pasiongeek in which Fercuesta test with your iPhone 6s Plus this model and if you want to know more about this pass wet model for our store tab.