Xiaomi My 2 TV, a TV 4K with MIUI for Less Than 500 Euros

Torture china, never better, and is there a more simple and illustrative definition of what Xiaomi makes us pass in each of his performances in his native country.
Question time today in Beijing has been to the new Xiaomi MiPad, a powerful Tablet – the first Chinese firm – who will leave the bar prices below 200 euros, in addition to the Xiaomi Mi TV 2, a smart TV that you will put very long teeth.
We are talking about a TV with a sublime design, built with a 6.2 aluminum bezel millimeters thick and polished with diamond finish. Frames are only 20.9 mm, and thickness of the screen is only 15.5 mm. An ultra-thin TV Smart, says Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi TV 2 in two words: bru –

Not only design I presumed my TV 2, but it can also boast of having a panel of 49 inches with 4K resolution (3.840 x 2.160 pixels). A density of 90 pixels per inch rarely seen in the world of TVs.
To give life to your smart TV, Xiaomi will mount a chipset Mstar processor of Quad-core to 1.45 GHz and GPU ARM Mali-450 MP4, accompanied by 2 GB of RAM.
If this seems little to you, my TV 2 will come accompanied by an essential bar speakers 8.1 with subwoofer offering digital, analog and wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.
As it could not be less, Android masked under MIUI is responsible for the part smart, with a customization made exclusively for the occasion, which allows to make the most of our TV.
MIUI offers the possibility to play multimedia content directly on your TV, and also will install applications and games on the device so we can enjoy them thanks to a wireless gamepad with Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 you will be sold separately.

Availability and prices

Here is where they begin the misfortunes for us, and that we have good news and another bad.
First is the good news: Xiaomi sell my TV 2 priced at 3.999 Yuan (475 euros) from the May 27th.
Now comes the bad, We will not see the new Smart TV of Xiaomi by our markets, as it has already happened with the first model. According to it, will have to stop reading press releases from Xiaomi until the Chinese decide to make the final leap to international markets.

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