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In contrast to public schools are private schools. These schools are not part of the state’s public services and become part of an education provided by a private for-profit entity.Unlike public schools, private schools are not free for the simple fact that a company’s main objective is to make money.

Private schools do not have a universal character, since certain groups do not want public schools because they do not represent specific values. The private company has the right to transmit religious, military, elitist values, etc.

Although private schools may somehow choose the type of education to be passed on to their students, the state stipulates some quality education standards for the private school to comply with . For example, at the end of the school year, all students with no distinction between private or public school go through a test that allows them to enter college or not, so private schools must respect certain rules common to public schools.

We offer state by state listings of 28,425 private schools in the United States, from kindergarten to grade 12 high schools. To find enrollment and location information, please click the state below. Also, you can see meanings of “private” on acronyms for private and public schools as listed here.

The above table lists private schools for primary and secondary schools. If you are looking for high educational programs, such as math, chemistry, physics, education and engineering schools, please see topschoolsintheusa.com.

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