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What does EHC stand for?

1. Stands for Emergency Hormonal Contraception Introduction Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) refers to a type of birth control used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. It is commonly known as the “morning-after pill.” Types and Availability EHC includes medications like levonorgestrel (Plan B) and ulipristal acetate (Ella). These are available over-the-counter or… Read More »

What does CLV stand for?

1. Stands for Customer Lifetime Value Definition and Importance Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a critical metric in marketing and business strategy that represents the total revenue a business can expect from a single customer account throughout the business relationship. It helps companies understand the long-term value of their customer base, informing decisions on customer… Read More »

What does CKQ stand for?

The acronym CKQ stands for various terms across different fields. Here are the top 10 meanings, listed by frequency: 1. Certified Knowledge Qualifier Overview Certified Knowledge Qualifier (CKQ) is a professional certification for individuals who specialize in assessing and validating knowledge within an organization. This certification ensures that the certified professionals have the skills to… Read More »