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How To Use Montessori Sandpaper Letters To Make Words

Maria Montessori believed that hand was the direct link to the mind. Her sandpaper letters are designed for the child to experience tactile sounds which he tracks the letters with your fingers while vocalizing the sounds of each letter. He develops a stronger understanding of phonetic sounds. When he has demonstrated mastery of the sounds, he can use Montessori sandpaper letters to make words.

If you want to use Montessori sandpaper letters to make words, you need the following: Hi Rye Montessori sandpaper letters clip art objects and images.

1. Invite the child to a lesson on a carpet with Montessori sandpaper letters. Surprising mastery of the phonetic sounds by showing the child a sandpaper letter at a time and asks him what the sound is. When the child shows that he knows all the sounds, he is ready to put the sounds together to form words.

2. Put a consonant as/m/, and a vocal that/a/, on opposite sides of the rug. Point to each one as you say its sound. Begin to push them closer, one at a time, says each sound when you touch it. As the sandpaper letters to move up, says sounds faster. By the time the two letters have met in the middle of the carpet, you should have the two voices blended into a sound,/ma/. Team practicing with different consonants and same vocals.

3. Add a third letter as an ending sound, when the child feels comfortable to mix the two sounds. A consonant shift at a time, in order to give the child to practice. Use real words.

4. Makes dictation with the child. Say a Word, and get the child figure out which letters to put together. Use the objects or images of words that follow consonant-vowel-consonant pattern, such as "cat", "hidden", "cut", "dog", "bed", as a prompt. When the child shows he can spell some words, he can then move to use Montessori movable alphabet, which is less bulky.

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