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How to Make Origami of an Equilateral Triangle

This article is useful in teaching geometry. You can use it as an activity for equilateral triangle or motivation for the lesson introduction. Master paper folding first as many times as you want before the demonstration in class.

1. Take a piece of paper. The model is a square colored paper. Place it on the table.
2. Place one side of the square to its opposite side. Fold and make a crease.
3. Open and flip the paper. Note that it shares the plane into two equal parts, if the intersection is a line.
4. Take one corner of the square and place it on the crease in the square, making a second crease or line going to the next corner. See the image. (Make sure that the tip or cut the crease or line).
5. Open. Please observe the lines, shall be carried out, once you have done the above steps.
6. Do the same procedure as step 4 for the other corner. Reference is made to the shape.
7. Fold the open part after the crease or line created by the previous step.
8. Check your work by comparing it with the image on the left.
9. Switch on and check out your work.
10. Turn the paper over and create a center point of the top page or line. See the picture for reference.
11. Place the lower part of the paper to the upper part, but fold. Be sure to fit the center point of the line to a corner or vertex of the triangle. See the image.
12. Flip the paper and check your work by comparing it to the picture on the left.
13. Observe the small triangle in the lower-right corner of the paper. Fold it as seen in the image.
14. Turn the paper over again in preparation for the next procedures.
15. Fold the right side of the paper to the back forming one side of the triangle.
16. Fold the left side of the paper to the back forming a different side of the triangle. Now you can watch triangle but we have to perform the next steps to complete the project.
17. Check your work by looking at the rear part of the triangle. It is similar to the picture on the left?
18. Prepare the paper to place or paste to the second part of the paper.
19. Set the left part in the right part of the paper.
20. Insert completely.
21. Success! Note that the triangle is an equilateral, and it has three pockets on each side.

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