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By | January 9, 2023

Arizona is bordered on the south by the border with Mexico, on the west by California and Nevada, on the north by Utah and on the east by New Mexico. The northern half of the state consists of Colorado trays, with their grand canyons (Grand Canyon) and their abruptly scattered reliefs (Painted serve, Petrified Forest). Southwestern Arizona is occupied by an arid plain, the Gila Desert. The region is dominated by numerous mountainous links of volcanic origin, culminating at 3 851 m of altitude at the summit of Humphreys Peak: Mogollon Rim, Mazatzal Mountains, Gila Mountains, etc.

The region is drained by the Colorado River and its tributaries, namely Rio de Janeiro Gila. Dams gave birth to large retention lakes. Most important are Lake Mead and Lake Powell. Arizona’s climate is arid or semi-arid continental. The vegetation is limited in the cactus and yuccas deserts. The mountains are covered in part of forests (pines, firs, birches, woods).

Arizona Economy

Dominated by agriculture and mining during most of its history, Arizona’s economy has diversified considerably since the 1980s thanks to the spectacular Phoenix development (made it the sixth city in the country in the 2000s). Mineral resources are very abundant. Arizona is the first national copper producer. It reaches the second row for zinc and the third for lead. The state also has coal, gold, money, uranium, oil and natural gas.

Due to the climate, agriculture is dependent on irrigation. Two large dams are built: the Coolidge Dam, on the Rio de Janeiro Gila, and the Roosevelt Dam, on Salt Rivet. They allow the bet on culture or meadow of vast surfaces. The main agricultural resources are cotton, vegetables, citrus fruits, cereals and cattle raising.

Industrialization is recent and concentrated on the Phoenix agglomeration. It rests mainly on the high technology industries (computer science, electronics). The other industrial sectors are linked to the extraction and treatment of natural resources. Accelerated urbanization of the State causes stubborn competition between city dwellers and farmers for the use of water.

In 1988 the construction of the Central Arizona Project was completed, a 541 km long canal that feeds Phoenix and Tucson from Colorado waters. Tourism actively participates in the Arizona economy. The main sites are the Indian reserves of Navajos and Hopis and the national park of the Grand Canyon.

Search for private schools in Arizona? Here is a directory of K-12 schools in the state of Arizona listed county by county. Please follow the link below to see all private K12 schools in your county of Arizona.

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Major Cities in Arizona


Phoenix, city and capital of the state of Arizona in the United States. He has about 3.2 million residents with suburbs. The city is a trading center in a large irrigation area. Tourism is an important industry in addition to the electronics industry, the iron and metal industry, the food industry and the aerospace industry. Phoenix was founded in 1867.


Tucson, a city ​​in the state of Arizona in the United States with about 847,000 residents including the suburbs. The city has a lot of arms, aircraft, metal, electrical and mining industries. Copper is mostly mined in the mines. Elles has Tucson University and some tourism.

Verde Valley School – Sedona

The Verde Valley School is located in Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is a special and unique city that can have a natural environment, for example you can find the Oak Creek Canyon. The air in Sedona is clean and the weather is characterized by a lot of sunshine. You can also experience a lot in Sedona, here you can hike, bike, climb, play football and tennis, golf, camp, go to the cinema and visit many great restaurants. The big city of Phoenix is ​​only 90 minutes away from Sedona, so a trip to this great city is also worthwhile. Students who would like to spend their school days in a beautiful environment with many different activities are in good hands here.

Verde Valley School was founded in 1948 and is a private boarding school that is both a boarding school and a day school for local students. When staying

As boarding students, the students live together with school staff in the boarding house, so that there is a good teacher-student relationship. At the same time, the teacher embodies not only the transfer of knowledge, but also a contact person for problems of all kinds. Of course, care is also taken to ensure good accommodation with a host family during the holidays, because the host families are carefully selected and checked.

Approximately 125 students attend Verde Valley School, which come from over 20 different countries in the United States and from over 18 different countries worldwide. The principles and goals of this private school are an intercultural education that prepares for later life, a mediation of creativity and help and a certain environmental awareness. The many international students teach a lot of culture at the Verde Valley School using special programs. Many leisure activities, through various excursions are offered. In addition, the school and the staff of the school attach great importance to a family environment. This school is the right choice for outdoor fans, the VVS offers a very good golf and riding program.

The VVS offers small classes that are taught to you by well-trained teachers. The small classes also ensure a good school leaving certificate, as the teachers can concentrate on each individual student. Club, and sports offers make the stay at the Verde Valley School varied, because the riding and golf program at the Verde Valley School is excellent. But the project phases also give the students a lot of exciting new experiences, which are also shaped by weekend trips. Furthermore, the students can be sure to find many new friends. It is important to mention that the Verde Valley is a recognized IB school.

Private Schools in Arizona by County

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