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By | January 9, 2023

Arkansas is divided into two regions: the west and the north of the state correspond to a mountainous region (Mount Boston, Mount Ouachita), culminating at 839 m altitude (Mountains Magazine) and forming the southern end of the Ozark Mountains, while in the east and south extend the floodplain of the lower Mississippi and part of the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico.


The main rivers are the Mississippi and its tributaries, Arkansas and the Red. Numerous bayous arms and ancient meanders border the Mississippi. The most important lakes are artificial water retentions: Lake Ouachita (see Ouachita Mountains) and Lake Norfolk. The climate is humid subtropical. The forest (pines, cypress, maple, oak) covers nearly half the surface of Arkansas.


After an agricultural state remains for a long time, Arkansas today has a diversified economy. The mineral resources are varied: oil, natural gas, coal, mercury and, above all, bauxite, whose state is the first national producer.

However, agriculture remains an important activity. Arkansas is the first national producer of soy and chicken. The other agricultural resources are rice, cotton, cereals, fruits (fisheries) and vegetables (spinach, tomatoes). Forest resources are considerable.

The industrialization of the state is recent. A part of the industries is articulated around the treatment and the transformation of natural resources – petrochemical, aluminum metallurgy, agri-food, wood-based industries (papers, furniture) -, the other industrial sectors the textile (confection), the shoe and electronics.

Among numerous tourist sites are the Ozark Mountains, the Hot Springs National Park, known for its hot springs, the Saunders Memorial Museum (weapon collection), Berryville, and the historic site of Fort Smith (1817).

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Major Cities in Arkansas

Little Rock

Little Rock, city ​​and capital of the state of Arkansas in the United States. It has about 185,000 residents, or about 565,000 with suburbs. The city is a trade center and has a lot of aluminum industry.

In 1957, federal troops were sent to the city to quell racial riots in connection with a decision in the Supreme Court to abolish racial segregation in schools.

Private Schools in Arkansas by County

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