Best Restaurants in the World

Presentation of the 50 best restaurants in the world according to the 2019 list prepared by the organization of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants…

List of the Best Restaurants in the World in 2019

Every year the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards the award for the best restaurant in the world. The restaurants that make up the top ten of this list are presented below. One of the highlights of this top ten is the fact that 7 of the top 10 restaurants are concentrated in Spain, France and Denmark.

10th – Maido , Lima – Peru

Located in the Peruvian capital, Maido represents the meeting between Japanese cuisine and Peruvian flavors to create the ‘ Nikkei Cuisine’ (or Japanese-Peruvian) . Nikkei cuisine is thus a perfect combination of Japanese techniques and flavors produced in Latin America: sweet, citrus, and meats incorporated into the Japanese culinary tradition formed an extraordinary result. The author of this fusion of flavors is chef Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura, creator of dishes as varied as succulent miso-marinated cod with crunchy walnuts, nigiri sushi, hedgehog rice, the now legendary beef rib or cheesecake tofu.

Maido , Lima – Peru

9th – Enjoy , Barcelona – Spain

Created at the end of 2014 by three proven chefs, all of whom trained at the legendary El Bulli – Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch – Disfrutar stands out for its paradoxical, fun and flavorful dishes. Examples of these dishes are gazpacho in the form of a sandwich, crispy egg yolk, liquid salad or hare bonbon. The establishment also surprises with its design – respect for the history and heritage of the Mediterranean is the inspiration and the ceramic yarn that marks the interior space and the access area is inspired by the forks of the Ninot market and the colors of Miró ceramics.

8th – L’Arpege , Paris – France

The great strength of L’Arpège de Paris is the vegetables. Since its famous chef Alain Passard announced in 2001 that his restaurant would increasingly be a vegetarian restaurant, and although meat remains on the menu, L’Arpège has become known mainly for dishes with vegetables, many of them cultivated by the restaurant itself. Examples of vegetarian dishes are asparagus in spring or black truffles in autumn. Other famous dishes at this Parisian restaurant are the dumplings, stuffed with seasonal vegetables, and the crayfish carpaccio with caviar.

7th – Mugaritz , San Sebastian – Spain

Mugaritz is another Spanish restaurant present in this top ten of the best restaurants in the world of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. A meal at this restaurant is always a creative and innovative dining experience created by chef Andoni Luis Aduriz. From a rich mixture of Basque ingredients, Aduriz transforms them in a very avant-garde way, creating absolutely strange dishes such as crab in a frozen tongue, raw pork heart or even bellota ham served on perfectly timed music dishes so that all diners eat and orchestrate together.

6th – Central , Lima – Peru

Central de Lima is considered by many as a true sanctuary of Peruvian flavors, where you can find countless ingredients from the sea and mountains, very difficult to find elsewhere. In it, chef Virgilio Martínez Véliz likes to play with the many varieties of corn, potatoes and various exotic products offered by the vast Peruvian biodiversity. Classics include Land of Corn and Extreme Stems, and some newer dishes like Waters of Nanay, featuring piranha fish served on an entire piranha head filled with sharp teeth.

5th – Geranium , Copenhagen – Denmark

Opened in spring 2017, the Geranium restaurant is one of two Danish restaurants in this top ten. It is a restaurant characterized by true ‘edible art’: the seemingly unlikely combination of nature and technology is at the heart of chef Rasmus Kofoed’s progressive tasting menu. Over the years, the 2,500-bottle wine list, which ranges from classic selections to natural juices, has garnered numerous accolades, including the prestigious Wine Spectator Grand Prix. A curiosity is its location: it is located on the eighth floor of the academy of a football stadium, and the dining area offers a beautiful panoramic view of Fælledparken (Common Gardens).

4th – Gaggan , Bangkok – Thailand

Gaggan, opened in 2010 by Indian chef Gaggan Anand, ranks fourth on the list of the best restaurants in the world and first on the Asian continent. Using a type of experimental cuisine , Anand’s menu has evolved from a typically Indian cuisine to a much more global cuisine with influences from various restaurants around the world. The menu now includes Mexican-inspired taco bites, Japanese-Indian sushi nigiri, and even eggplant Oreo cookies. The classic Yoghurt Explosion remains on the menu alongside more recent signatures like Lick It Up, where diners are invited to lick a tasty curry straight from the plate.

3rd – Asador Etxebarri , Axpe – Spain

Asador Etxebarri, located in the Basque Country in Spain, opens the podium of the best restaurants in the world in 2019. Chef Victor Arguinzoniz’s remarkable ability to extract the explosive flavor from seemingly simple ingredients, most of which grilled over an open fireplace is without a doubt. one of the main reasons for this success. The restaurant fully respects the natural flavors of local produce and gently encourages each ingredient to show its potential: goat’s milk mixed with ethereal butter, peas amplified in their own juice, or aged jerky.

2nd – Noma , Copenhagen – Denmark

The current Noma, which started its activity in 2018, is the heir of the much older Noma, and he is also highly awarded. With his innovative food, chef René Redzepi has developed a new genre of cuisine – a type of Nordic cuisine that combines tradition with innovation .

Redzepi’s visionary approach to celebrating terroir through minimalist, ingredient-focused dishes has earned it a high profile in recent years. The great motto of this restaurant is the use of native ingredients exploited through numerous and innovative cooking techniques.

1st Mirazur , Menton – France

With extraordinary views over the beautiful landscapes of the French Riviera, three levels of gardens exposed in cascade and a team of chefs of unparalleled talent, Mirazur is awarded the award for the best restaurant in the world in 2019 according to the evaluation carried out by the organization of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Chef Mauro Colagreco’s exclusive cuisine is inspired by the sea, the mountains and the restaurant’s gardens.

Menu highlights include salt-crusted beets from the restaurant’s gardens with caviar cream, eggs from the restaurant’s own chicken coop with smoked eel and hazelnuts and a potato brioche with egg and white truffle.