Best Travel Time and Climate for Ethiopia

Best travel time

The best time to visit Ethiopia is during the dry season. But the festivals in Ethiopia are also a big attraction, so that regardless of the weather, a trip around Meskel or Timkat can be recommended. If you want to travel more economically, you should visit the country in the off-season.

Although Ethiopia is essentially close to the equator, the country as a whole does not have a typically tropical climate and temperatures vary in different regions of the country depending on the altitude. The climate in Ethiopia is very mild. Temperatures range from below 20 ° C in the highlands to well over 30 ° C in the lower plains in western, eastern and southern Ethiopia.

The best time to travel to Ethiopia is during the early dry season ( October to January ). These months benefit from the pleasant weather and blooming landscapes are the holdovers from previous rains. If you want to see the beautiful bloom of the Meskel flowers in the region of the same name, it is recommended to visit the country between September and the beginning of October.

During these months the many festivals and events take place, especially in September (Ethiopian New Year and “Maskal”) and January (“Timkat”). That is also the reason why these months are considered the main travel time for Ethiopia.

The remaining dry season from February to May is also a good time to visit certain parts of Ethiopia. Although you have to reckon with changes in sunshine and precipitation from time to time, the weather is nice and worth a trip.

The rainy season in Ethiopia lasts from June to early September . These months are usually avoided by tourists, as the heavy rains, especially in July and August, make getting around the country much more difficult. Immediately after the rains, the highlands are very green, wildflowers bloom and the conditions are perfect for hiking.

Climate in Addis Ababa

According to eningbo, the maximum temperature in Ethiopia is 31 ° C in February. In July the thermometer rises to a maximum of 23 ° C. The summer (June to September) with average 24 ° C warm . In the winter months it is around 29 ° C very warm . During the day, the average annual temperature in Ethiopia is a warm 26.8 ° C.

At night it gets coldest with 15 ° C in July and August. The thermometer rarely falls below 19 ° C in February and March. While the nights in summer have averages of a warm 16 ° C, the thermometer drops to a warm 18 ° C between November and March. The temperature averages 17.0 ° C at night all year round.

With 14 rainy days, April is the rainiest month of the year. The January and February are with 2 days of rain, the driest months of the year . From June to September, Ethiopia is very dry with an average of only around 3 rainy days, the winter (November to March) is very dry with only 5 rainy days. An annual average of 6.0 days of rain falls per month.

Best Travel Time and Climate for Ethiopia