C Pixel Lands in Europe: 500 Euros 32GB, 170 Euros Keyboard Model

A few days ago heard rumors about the commercial launch of the C pixel. Those sources pointed out that this new tablet would be on sale on December 8. At the moment in Spain has not been kept see Google store but in Germany if and its emergence has served us for awards.
The most basic model will have a price of 500 euros. I.e., the version with 32GB of storage. If we want it with double the memory, we have to pay 100 euros more. We give figures that have appeared in Germany but it is very likely that they are the same that appear shortly in the Spanish store.

Attractive as a tablet, not so much as a convertible

As you know, the new Google tablet is a Pixel and not a Nexus because the device did the company without the need for an additional manufacturer as happens with the 6 p, 5 X and company. On the specifications there is much more to add: we already know your hardware and we can say that it is a high-performance device.
With this C pixel Google He wanted to focus on productivity with an additional keyboard I can connect through magnets in one of the frames of the device. Here Google has followed the path of Apple and Microsoft to convert this accessory is a small quirk: 170 euros.
As small-format tablet is an attractive though for less price we have very interesting options: Tab Samsung, ASUS 8.0S ZenPad S2… With this Pixel we have the incentive of constant upgrades but if you want a tablet for work, perhaps other options interest you most.
Both iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 lay more solid and convincing on the table proposals. Yes, none of the two leading Android but the reality is that Google has not made great efforts to develop its mobile operating system in a tool as comfortable and useful as a conventional laptop.