California State University, East Bay 10

Since I’ve always loved to travel and wanted to improve my language skills, it was a must for me to complete a semester abroad at the end of my studies. The choice fell on the USA relatively quickly, as I wanted to get to know the American way of life and the USA was recommended to me by some friends. They also recommended California State University East Bay (CSUEB) to me. The CSUEB offers a Quater and is a comparatively cheap university in the USA.


About three to four months before the start of my studies, I started preparing for the semester abroad for the CSUEB. I definitely needed this because the entire application and preparation process was very time-consuming (visa, passport, international insurance, vaccinations, course credit). However, MicroEDU helped me a lot with all questions about the semester abroad. The checklist for the organization of the semester abroad should be noted positively. The first step of the application is that the CSUEB must accept the application. If you have received a positive answer from her, you should take care of the visa immediately. For this you have to go to the consulate in Munich, Frankfurt or Berlin. Immediately after receiving the visa, you should take care of the flight, because the earlier you book, the cheaper the flight will be. I was insured through the Mawista.


In my opinion, it is advisable to register for the CSUEB groups on Facebook in good time, as there are good offers for apartments and you can also get a lot of tips for the semester abroad.

I lived in the City View Apartments. In summary, one can say that, in my opinion, the University Village is the best way to live, as you can get to know a lot of people from different regions of the world. However, it should be mentioned that you pay less rent in the City View Apartments.

However, I had to share my room to save rent. But since it was only for 3 months it wasn’t a problem. As a “compensation”, the City View also offers a pool, fitness studio, jacuzzi and a barbecue area. These can all be used free of charge. Another advantage of the City View Apartments is their proximity to the university. It can be reached on foot in about 15 minutes, saving you the parking fees for the CSUEB parking lots.

Course choice

It must be said here that the CSUEB definitely has room for improvement. The first weeks up to the ” course crashing ” are very stressful, because you have to find out which courses are still free, compare them with the courses you need and then attend the entire selection of selected courses. The reason for this is that the American students can enroll first and only then the internationals and you need a signature from the professor. In the end, however, I got all the courses that I needed to be credited.

It is also advisable to take the international courses if possible, as these are much easier than the standard courses. Compared to studying in Germany, it is much more complex. Weekly homework, presentations, weekly quizzes, midterms and finals are normal for the non-international subjects.

Life and leisure

Despite the high workload, I had an unforgettable time. San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. There is a lot to see there. California in general offers many attractions. My favorites were whale watching, the San Francisco Beach Bike Tour to the Golden Gate Bridge, Route 1, and the weekend getaway to Las Vegas.

In addition to a few grocery stores, Hayward also has a cinema, an outlet and a few good restaurants. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have much else to offer. With the free shuttle to the CSUEB you can drive free of BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). From there it is possible to drive to San Francisco in around 30 minutes.


The semester abroad in the USA was a great time. I was not only able to improve my language skills, but also made many new friends. My recommendation is that you travel as much as possible !!! In my opinion, the CSUEB is good if you make some compromises.

If you have any questions, just send me an email to (email address can be obtained from MicroEDU). I am trying to help you as best I can.

California State University, East Bay 10