California State University, East Bay 4

Course content

The content in the course was good. I originally planned to take 3 subjects, but after a professor tried to ask questions on Facebook, I found it so ridiculous that I decided to only take 2 subjects. Especially when you’ve seen the students’ answers, most of which were only copied from Wikipedia.

The other two subjects (International Marketing and Management for a Sustainable Society) were really good and interesting. Maybe international marketing was a bit dry, but that also happens in Germany. The marks were definitely good, or you could keep up with the Americans without any problems. The level was certainly easier than in Germany, but I can only recommend these two subjects (also because of the lecturers).

You can’t really report negative things here. The university buildings are clean, bright and good. The library is also great for studying. There are also small study rooms in the dormitories, some of which are air-conditioned.


The university is not located directly in Hayward, but a bit outside on a hill. In principle, this is not a problem as there are plenty of opportunities to get to Hayward. However, apart from a movie theater and two decent restaurants, Hayward doesn’t really offer anything. That is why you should spend as much time as possible in SF. Here, however, the public transport system is a nuisance. You don’t really come back at night. Accordingly, you can take a taxi (very expensive) or just have to sleep in a hostel. Going through is also not advisable, as the clubs close at 2 a.m. at the latest. So if you want good parties, you should think twice…

I cannot recommend the dormitory. It was extremely dirty when I moved in. The rooms are very small and some of the furniture is really disgusting. It feels like being in a school camp for 16 year old teenagers. Some of the “Ras” who are responsible for the floors are only 19 and play extremely hard. As soon as you are in the living room with more than 5 people, it can happen that everyone receives a warning. Reasons come to mind. Alcohol must also not be drunk in the apartment if someone under 21 lives in the apartment. And the next warning follows. These are often spoken out against suspicion and then you have to go to an “interrogation”. Some “RAs” also cannot assert themselves when it comes to cleaning. Accordingly, it very often looks incredibly bad and disgusting. When I moved in, all the shower curtains were moldy. After a week I gave up waiting for new ones and bought some myself.
These are just some examples. As you can see from the text above, I advise against going to a dormitory.


I can’t say much about that. This always depends on what you make of it yourself. I met great people with whom I am still in contact. Unfortunately, the “fun” is often only ruined by the most nonsensical regulations.


That will show up in the next months / years. The fact is that if you don’t actively seek contact with the Americans, you don’t speak much English. Since I did this through sports (flag football and rugby, rugby not at university), I was able to improve my English a lot.


Since there is not much you can do, it is relatively cheap. The cafeteria also contributes to this. It’s really fine. Lots of fatty food, but you can also eat very healthy. But after about 2 months it is very monotonous. Nevertheless, I can recommend the cafeteria. As a meal plan, I would choose the one with 250 flex dollars.

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This is the point that actually bothered me the most. MicroEDU was not informed of any additional fees by the university (no reproach to CC). The ALP Office is responsible for the international students. I’m sorry to have to be so clear about it, but these employees are really so disorganized… I’ve never seen that before. They mess up documents, debit incorrect amounts, have no idea, are sometimes outrageous and do not stick to agreements. The biggest thing, however, was when they listed master’s courses (for which I had to pay retrospectively) as undergraduate (in the certificate). If it weren’t for these “annoyances”, I would probably have enjoyed the time a lot more.


Looking back, I would go again. However, I would no longer take the dormitory and deal with the ALP Office differently. The CSUEB offers students everything they need. But no more… Those who want to study less and live more should, however, orient themselves elsewhere.

California State University, East Bay 4