California State University, East Bay 7

Course choice

Now again to why we actually want to go to CSUEB! The studies! Unfortunately, choosing a course turned out to be more difficult than expected. Of course, you think about what you would like to prove. I recommend not to be too tight when doing this. Just get stuck in the right direction (Human Ressource Mgmt. Finance; Macroeconomics). You will find out what is possible when you orientate yourself through the Blackboard online portal. The Americans and also the exchange students can already dial in to the courses two or three months in advance. Accordingly, these are also full and unfortunately often only the waitlist is over. Pick out about six courses that you can attend for a week. On the Tuesday after that, it was 8 o’clock in the morning to register !! Only then was it possible to register! If you are very lucky and your courses are not very popular or you are particularly fast, you are directly enrolled. Otherwise, it’s time to wait and hope! By the Monday of the following week at the latest you have to be enrolled in three courses of 4 units each (or in such a way that you get a maximum of 12 units for the $ 2500), sometimes it helps to talk to the professors about whether they Expand class capacity or change rooms (possibly larger seating capacity). You have to drop the other courses, otherwise there is a risk of further payment for receipts of more than 12 units. But do you get told again at the orientation. For courses that you would like to enroll in with previous knowledge that you have already completed in Germany, for example, you need a number that Blackboard asks you for. E.g.: Macroeconomics for Business requires Principles of Macroeconomics as a preliminary course. You can get the number for this in the VBT Building (student office).

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That was a real run in the first two weeks after the orientation. Firstly, attend courses twice (e.g. two HR classes,…), get documents (as there is still no access to Blackboard), already write tests, talk to the professors and always be present, because you don’t know whether this might be your course and secondly, the struggle for the desired course. In the end, until I got into all of my courses. Lucky! Not all students felt like this! And I was able to have all courses credited to me, but it wasn’t the case for everyone.

It was not surprising that many German students were of the opinion that they hardly had to do anything to pass their courses at American universities. Make no mistake about it! I’ve seen some who took it easy and then worked up a sweat. But with a little hard work and constant sticking to it (homework, etc.), you will definitely pass it. After a week or two you got used to the English.

In addition, you can sign up for two other classes, such as sport and dancing. But not online, as these courses are not taken into account. You go to the respective instructor (preferably in the first week, otherwise these are also full) and have a slip of paper signed so that you can participate. Will you still get everything said and handed over to you by the ALP at the orientation.

Incidentally, the problem with registered mail is not just at the CSUEB. A friend is after her quarter in Santa Barbara and has reported the same procedure. The only question is who is bringing the money into the country. Americans pay a lot less study fees. But there is nothing we can do about that.

Pay by credit card

Super different! Every savings bank and bank has its own modalities! I had 1.5% fees per deduction / payment. Arrange with your bank in advance (!!) that you have a limit of € 5000 for the first payment. There is always a little more than just the tuition fees and accommodation + meal plan (around € 3800). I was able to set this up for a month and then had my limit restricted to € 1000 again (due to possible theft and self-control 😉

Debit card

I had a fee of € 4.50 for every cash withdrawal from an ATM machine + $ 2/3 fees at the ATM machine. If so, withdraw larger sums of money straight away.
You should always have a little cash in your pocket.


I mostly used the service from Enterprise. Booking online. Is right at the foot of the university grounds, they pick you up and bring you back again (after consultation by phone). I’ve only rented Economy Class (around $ 25 per day). I got a Ford Focus, PT Cruiser, Chevrolet Malibu… so okay, Kirk is very nice, best regards!

Additional driver costs no additional fee in Cal. Don’t let anyone tell you anything (try to do it with $ 10 a day, best of all to print out the legal text) It costs if you or the additional driver are under 25. Namely $ 25 a day. Insurance costs around $ 23 per day (a total of three for full protection: damage to the car; passenger insurance; external parties / victims).

The rental stations will block a deposit of $ 350 on your credit card in case something should happen with the car. Just for info. That will stay on until your next credit card statement and your available credit card limit will be reduced accordingly. I then had it deleted from my bank. Nothing else was possible, except saving ;-). Whoever pays is also the main driver.

California State University, East Bay 7