California State University, East Bay 8

Meal plan

Since I was often out and about and also had two lectures at noon, I decided on mealplan C (10 meals + 250 Flexdollar). Always had my muesli in the fridge and toast for when you were hungry. It was enough! If necessary, I paid with the Flexdollar (on the card, no cash payment) and bought an additional meal in the Convenient Store (drinks, snacks, hygiene items) or the Dining Commons. There is also Panda Express on campus and Java Coffee, where you can also pay with Flexdollar. In the end I had so many Flexdollars left that I threw coffee rounds. The meals count per week, others expire. In the bookstore (books, office supplies, clothes, additional kiosk) you cannot pay with the Flexdollar.

The dining commons are great! At least for three months (I’ve heard). Always fresh fruit, salads, vegetables, but also pizza, pasta, burgers and the like. It’s up to you. You don’t have to get fat. Just leave out the cookies


I guess there are 30-40 PCs that you can use for free. You can also print out as much as you want. Useful for documents from Blackboard, where all professors post their lectures (power points).


Right next to the I-House is a small gym (three steppers, four treadmills, a bench). Empty in the morning / noon, full in the evening! Open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., not on Sundays or public holidays. There is still the possibility to register in the large gym on campus (think 35 $ / quarter), but the opening times are strange. Do you have to compare it to your schedule? Or you take the fitness class, where you do circuit training in the large gym for an hour twice a week. We often just went running around the campus or played tennis. Rackets and balls are available in the I-House Office. Tennis courts well maintained and free.


Every resident gets a mailbox with the name of his app. (e.g. 627 D). The address is then Max Mustermann, Apartment 627 D, 1901 Harder Road, Hayward, CA. 94542.

You can have mail sent to this address. Also books that you order through Amazon. You will then receive a message in your mailbox that a package has arrived.

Tell your relatives that they should not send German chocolate by sea, please. Can take 6 weeks! Everything has happened before!

You can order books in the international version, are cheaper or get them used from the other residents anyway. I only needed one book in HR! It is always recommended by the professionals, just don’t let it drive you crazy. If you really need it often and homework has to be done out of it, ok, otherwise you don’t really need it, as the lectures (power points) in the classes are already very detailed.

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We heard a lot about Hayward, especially about the neighboring city of Oakland. When we arrived (March ’09) the newspaper reported that a policeman was shot dead at Bart Station Oakland.

I don’t want to scare you! Nothing happened to us, no one had a bad experience. You always have to be careful and careful in a foreign country. Hayward is pretty much on the poverty line. The university is on the mountain, so you don’t notice anything about it (apart from a breathtaking view by day and by night to San Fran)! I wouldn’t be alone at the BART station at night either. Doesn’t have to be! Nothing is going on in Hayward per se either. Cozy street cafés or something that invites you to stroll, none of them. Lucky’s, the grocery store, that’s it by and large. And you can do that during the day (no problem on your own either!).

Excursion destinations / in addition to the other must-does

Definitely take the fun trips with you. First of all, they’re free and secondly, you don’t want to miss anything in your short time there.

We were still there by car:

  • Palo Alto (Stanford University)
  • Point Reyes Lighthouse (westernmost point in the USA)
  • Berkeley (with beard)
  • Lake Berryessa (at least 5 degrees warmer than in Hayward)
  • Santa Cruz (Beach)
  • Sausalito, Tiburon
  • Highway 101 North! Don´t miss it !!

So, that’s enough tips for now. Could really tell a lot more. But after all, you should also collect your own experience.

I can only say that I have not regretted it! I would take another semester at an American university at any time. Hayward clearly has the advantage of being close to the “I lost my heart in…” metropolis of San Francisco. The people, the feeling, the clubs and even the foggy weather in SF contribute to making a semester abroad at CSUEB an unforgettable experience. How do I miss driving over the Baybridge and enjoying the breathtaking view of the Frisco Baby skyline at night.

California State University, East Bay 8