Capilano University Student Review 3

One of the best experiences I’ve had so far!

It was immediately clear to me where my semester abroad would go. I really wanted to go to Canada! When I thought of Canada, I immediately thought of great landscapes with huge mountains and wide lakes and Vancouver in particular did it to me ! I chose Vancouver because I was particularly attracted by the location, a big city with around 600,000 inhabitants, surrounded by mountains, forests and the Pacific, that must be great!

Application process

When I decided to go to Vancouver with a fellow student, we found out about the various universities in Vancouver and the surrounding area on the MicroEDU website and ultimately decided on Capilano University in North Vancouver. Katharina took care of my application at CapU, which was great because, no matter how “stupid” the questions were, she always answered me patiently and helped me through the application process. I started applying around the middle of January because I wanted to study at CapU in the winter semester. The “Letter of Acceptance”, i.e. the final acceptance, came in mid-April, and planning could then begin.

Studying at CapU

At CapU I took a total of four courses: “Event Marketing”, “Digital Marketing”, “Advertising” and “International Marketing”, yes, a lot of marketing, but it was worth it! I liked International Marketing best, the lecturer was just great! You learned a lot and the lessons were always very interesting and sometimes challenging.I also liked digital marketing, you learned a lot about online presence and how you can improve it with certain tools. I liked advertising mediocre, as it was sometimes very similar to school lessons, but there, too, they did a lot of their own projects, which was a challenge every now and then. Unfortunately, I didn’t like event marketing at all, because first of all it was a really stupid time (Tuesdays from 6:20 pm to 8:50 pm) and secondly it wasn’t very interesting in terms of content.

The courses were mostly not very big but with about 30 students ideal to meet to learn and people.

The campus of the CapU is quite small compared to the other universities in Vancouver, but it is very nicely located right next to the forest and thus all buildings can be reached quickly and easily on foot. The cafeteria at the Capilano is unfortunately not really a bomb, as it is quite expensive and compared to the cafeterias in Germany does not have a large selection. The lecturers or generally all employees at the Capilano are super nice and committed and are always happy to help you with problems (Canadians just), some lecturers even gave us their private mobile phone number in case there were problems with homework or group work. Unlike at my home university, the FH Dortmund, I had two exam phases, the midterms in October and the finals and group presentations in December, which was sometimes a bit stressful. Due to the multiple exams and project work, my final grade was not only composed of one grade (the final exam), as in Germany, but of several partial grades, so you didn’t have such a pressure at the finals and if you hit a grade, you could tear yourself away with another.

Overall, apart from a few little things, studying at Capilao University was great and I would recommend it to everyone.


I lived in the GEC Student Hotel with my fellow student. Since the work on the actual student housing complex in the Burnaby district was not yet finished, we were accommodated in the GEC Granville Hotel on Granville Street in Yaletown. The hotel was located right in the city center and you could reach a lot of things quickly, but unfortunately the university could be reached with a 50-minute bus ride, which was sometimes a bit annoying. We lived in the Granville Hotel until November, i.e. two months, until we moved into the student hotel in Burnaby. I shared an apartment there with two others and had a shared room and bathroom with my fellow student.

Since we were the first to move into the apartment, everything was just tip top, the kitchen was super nice, a bit sparsely equipped (exactly three plates, three cups, three mugs), but everything necessary was available. We had two large balconies, one was in the shared room and one in the hallway, we also had our own washing machine and dryer as well as a cloakroom with a shoe cupboard. The single room also had its own bathroom and access to the shared balcony. The hotel is adjacent to a residential area and is on a main road (Hastings Street), opposite there was a McDonalds, PizzaHut and a sushi restaurant, generally there were a few restaurants on this street and with a 7 minute walk you were at the next supermarket and drugstore. It took about 20-30 minutes to get to university (it’s always a matter of luck).


According to Anycountyprivateschools, Canada, especially Vancouver, is a very expensive place in terms of housing and the supermarket prices are not always attractive, but I still got along quite well with my money.

In supermarkets, fruit, vegetables, CHEESE, paper items such as toilet paper, and cosmetics are particularly expensive. That’s why I went out to eat quite often (I was usually too lazy to cook), the restaurant prices were completely okay in my opinion and there was always free water and mostly also “free refill” (free refilling of drinks). Especially the sushi restaurants were super cheap compared to Germany, which was a paradise for me as a sushi addict ! Thanks to the international student loan and a little financial help from my family, I was able to live quite well in Vancouver, despite a monthly rent of around $ 650 and the cost of food and leisure activities.

But what is a small price trap is that in Canada the prices are always displayed without taxes and you still have to add 12% taxes on the displayed price (even in clothing stores or restaurants) so that you don’t get surprised at the checkout.


You can already experience a lot in Vancouver, since I was with my relatives a few weeks before the start of the semester a little south of Vancouver, I was able to enjoy the city even in midsummer, which was really great. This is how I experienced Vancouver in almost every season of the year. Grouse Mountain was wonderful both in summer with a pretty strenuous hike and green meadows, and in winter with a wonderful snowy landscape (including Santa’s reindeer) and skiing that I unfortunately didn’t use.

Vancouver Island, where you took a ferry over to, was also worth seeing, I can especially recommend whale watching to everyone, but Victoria, the capital of BC, was also very beautiful. The little place Hope with the Othello Tunnels was beautiful and Squamish with the “SeaToSky Gondola” was great in winter with a breathtaking view! But Vancouver’s beaches were also pretty cool, such as English Bay with Sunset Beach, where you can really enjoy great sunsets, and Stanley Park, which is great for walking. I really liked Granville Island with its little shops, art studios and an indoor market where there is always live music.

But Vancouver’s city center with the Pacific Center and Robson Street is also really great for shopping and Gastown in particular is very beautiful and a must for everyone. For me as a series and film freak, Vancouver is a dream, because so many series and films are shot there, such as Deadpool, Supernatural, The Flash, Bates Motel and many more. And we even went to some sets and were able to catch one or two photos. The ideal location of Vancouver makes a trip to the Rocky Mountains possible and so we went to the Rockies together with the travel organization Westtrek and that was simply the culmination of a mega cool stay abroad, I can warmly recommend this trip to everyone, because it’s worth it! Overall, I spent 5 months in Canada from my 6 months abroad, which felt far too short, because time goes by really quickly.

As you can see, Vancouver and the surrounding area has a lot to offer and it is just a wonderful city that everyone should have been to before. I would do my semester there again and again and I hope I can go back there soon.

Capilano University Student Review 3