Capilano University Student Review 6

“An experience of a lifetime that I will remember for years to come..”

As you can tell from my first sentence, my semester abroad was really an experience of a lifetime – alone, at the other end of the world. New people, new cultures, a new adventure.

My “story” about my semester abroad is a little different from the others – namely, until shortly before the start of the semester abroad, I hadn’t even planned to go abroad!

It was through a friend I met at an event that I got the idea of ​​doing a semester abroad. He told me at the time that he had done his semester abroad in Los Angeles and everything was so great. That made me curious and immediately asked how he had planned it. He then recommended MicroEDU that I could apply through the and that everything would go without any problems.

I did this and can confirm it. Everything went smoothly, if questions arose, I called Katharina (she is responsible for the Canadian universities) and she answered them patiently at all times. A big THANK YOU to MicroEDU and to Katharina ! So don’t be afraid to write to them or call them if you have any questions.

Now for Canada and Capilano University

It was not easy for me to choose the right university for my semester abroad, as the range is already quite large (especially if you are studying business administration) and you can never be sure which university is the best for you now. That’s why I wrote down all possible universities and researched them on the Internet (reviews, housing options, the city and the country, etc.). It also helps to read the experience reports on the MicroEDU homepage and to get first impressions of the universities. Often there are also pictures or videos posted that you can look at in peace.

After long research, phone calls and emails with MicroEDU, I then decided to go to Capilano University in Canada and do my semester abroad there. Capilano University is located in Vancouver in western Canada. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and home to many different cultures. That’s why I never felt homesick there or felt like a stranger, because almost everyone had a foreign “background” or like I came from another country to study in Vancouver.

The city offers so much, be it in summer, autumn or winter. In summer you can go swimming in the Pacific and in winter Whistler for skiing or just enjoying the wonderful scenery.

Now to Capilano University

According to Ehuacom, Capilano Uni is located in North Vancouver and is not very far from downtown Vancouver and other parts of the city. The bus and train connections (Skytrain) are very good, so no matter where you live in Vancouver, you will definitely have a good connection to the university so that you don’t need a car on site.

The university itself is small, as well as the classes – the classes are about 30 students. The university itself offers a lot compared to my university in Germany: It has its own sports hall with fitness rooms, its own stationery store with lots of cool sweaters and T-shirts from the university and a canteen with Subway and Tim Horton’s (similar to Starbucks, only more Canadian) The university is in the middle of a forest, so that you sometimes have to go through huge trees to get to the respective building.

I took 3 courses: International Marketing (IBUS 357), Strategic Management (BADM 204) and Entrepreneurship (BADM 268). Overall, I was very satisfied with all the courses and lecturers, the lessons were always very fun and there was always enough to do. Compared to my university, you have to do a lot more at Capilano, especially giving a lot of presentations, writing homework and organizing group meetings. But that’s half as bad, in the end you get through with a pretty good grade if you make an effort and take part in class

To the accommodation

I lived with a US host family in North Vancouver and was very happy with it. Especially since my most important goal was to improve my English skills through the practical semester, I wanted to stay with a host family so that I could really speak English in everyday life and at home. I found my host family on and can recommend it to others. Other alternatives would be Craigslist, Kijiji etc.

My conclusion

The semester abroad was really worth it and I am very satisfied with the service from MicroEDU. The choice to go to Capilano University in Vancouver was also a hit. I really don’t have anything negative to say (except maybe the weather in Vancouver, but you get used to it). The Canadians are very, very nice and open people, as are everyone else who lives in Vancouver (Asians, South Americans, etc.). When you live in Vancouver, you also live in a hundred other cities and countries at the same time because so many different nationalities, cultures and religions come together in one city, but all live together with respect and joy. It is a really exemplary, beautiful city and every penny is worth it to have this experience and to be able to say at the end: I lived in Vancouver!

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them. You can get my email address and / or phone number from Katharina if you need it.

Capilano University Student Review 6