Capilano University Student Review 7

I am studying international business administration and have always wanted to go abroad for a semester. Since there aren’t that many partner universities at my university, MicroEDU was recommended to me. I was actually interested in going to America, but in the end Canada convinced me. It was really worth it.

Thanks to MicroEDU, the application process went smoothly and very easily, and the support was really very good.

I would like to thank Lisa Bradler again for the comprehensive and great support, without her I would never have made it. Lisa was really a great help and gave me really good advice and always answered all of my questions. Without her, I would probably never have made up my mind. It is difficult to make a decision with the large number of offers, so I was really happy that Lisa was my advisor. Thank you for your help


With MicroEDU the organization was very easy and if you have any questions you can always contact MicroEDU.

What I can only recommend is to think about where you want to live relatively early, as it is not so easy to find something and Vancouver is also an expensive city.

I can also recommend the university’s mentoring program if you need help on site or have questions, I think that can never hurt.


The university is in North Vancouver in the middle of the forest. The campus is very nice even in winter. It was never really extremely cold, which is what you would think of Canada. I found the campus to be relatively clear and after a few days you know where everything is. The staff was also very nice and the cafeteria is also very good. The cafeteria has a subway, Tim Hortons (they have very good hot chocololates) and a few other options that are also good. The university’s international office was very nice and helpful.


In general, one can say that most of the courses are easier than in Germany, although there are also a few courses that are really challenging. In terms of effort, all courses are time-consuming, as you have to read a lot, prepare presentations and have homework. You can choose your courses while applying. The best thing to do is to google the professors, so you can get a little overview and what to expect. If you want to change the course, you should take care of it as early as possible, because you only get your money back in full up to a certain deadline, after which you have to pay an extra charge or pay the full fees for the new course, which is not possible in Canada is very cheap. I have taken four courses:

International Finance:

This course was not that difficult for finance and I can recommend the course.

Project Management:

This course was my favorite course. It was really fun and really easy to get an A, but only with David Jones. There are other professors and it was probably not that good with them. The course also fills up quickly.

Human Resource Management:

The professor in this course was really very good and you learn a lot.

Performance Management:

Actually, I wanted to choose courses in which I don’t have to do so many presentations (I somehow always get into the courses with a lot of presentations) and in this course I had one almost every two weeks. Nevertheless, I can recommend this course as it is not difficult. The presentations were all in groups. Actually, there were only group presentations in all of my courses.


The university has a dormitory and this is about 20 minutes away from the university by bus. You have to change trains once and if you miss the bus, the journey will take longer because the bus at the dormitory comes every 20 minutes. That’s why you have to leave earlier so that you get there on time. Actually, I didn’t want to live in the dormitory, but it wasn’t easy to find something suitable. Either it was too far away or something else did not fit and I was also a little late with the search.

According to Existingcountries, the dorm is in a very nice area and a supermarket and some restaurants are within walking distance. A little tip for you is best to go to the Real Canadian Superstore which is actually like Walmart only the Canadian version and cheaper than the supermarket near the dormitory. The Real Canadian Superstore is also within walking distance, it takes about 25 minutes and the route is very nice.

In the residence hall you can choose between a single room and a double room. I had decided on a single room. The rooms are all the same and I think it’s too small for two people. The toilets and showers have to be shared with the whole hallway, so it looked that way (it was really not nice).

There are three options you can choose what type of hallway you want to live in:

  • Only with girls
  • Only with guys
  • Or mixed

I lived on the mixed hallway. You can also decide whether you want to live in the building where it is more quiet or where it could get a little louder. I lived in the building, where it was then rather quieter, that was also the main building, where all the offices and the security were. I had the feeling that it was actually very quiet in all of the buildings, but I was also there in the spring semester, so it wasn’t that crowded.

The cafeteria in the dormitory was really very bad and unfortunately you have to pay a meal plan when you move into the dormitory. But what I found good is that you can easily get in touch with other students. That’s how I got to know my two best friends, because it’s a little harder to get in touch with other students at university.

Apart from the food and the toilets / showers, the stay in the dorm was fine.

Vancouver / Travel:

Vancouver is really a great city and there is so much to experience. Because the dollar is worse than the euro, you can also go shopping very well. I can also only recommend Vancouver Island. Be sure to visit the Butchart Gardens on the island, which is really fantastic. You can also be in San Francisco within two hours. Seattle is also very close by bus just a couple of hours away and tickets are really cheap. Use your time to travel and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me. Have fun in Vancouver!

Capilano University Student Review 7