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Angola History

Angola – national flag Angola – national flag, The flag dates from 1975 and is identical to the party flag of the liberation movement MPLA with the addition of a half cog and a machete (knife) symbolizing industry and agriculture and combined as the communist hammer and seal symbol. The star represents communism and internationalism.… Read More »

Benin History

Benin – national flag Benin National Flag, The flag dates from 1960 and contains the Pan-African colors, which in Benin’s case are also given the importance of green for hope, yellow for the country’s wealth and red for ancestral bravery. During the 1975 Marxist regime, the flag was completely green with a red star on… Read More »

Botswana History

Botswana – national flag Botswana – National Flag, Flag was adopted in 1966. The blue color symbolizes water which is vital to the country. Inspired by the zebra’s skins, the white-black-and-white stripe is an expression of the desire to build a community of equal opportunities for people of all races. Countryaah: What does the flag… Read More »

Burkina Faso History

Burkina Faso – national flag Burkina Faso – National Flag, The original flag with a black, white and red horizontal stripe was replaced in 1984 with a flag of the Pan-African colors. In Burkina Faso’s case, red is associated with the bloodshed during the revolution and more generally with the sacrifices the people brought; green… Read More »

Burundi History

Burundi – national flag Burundi National Flag, the Flag’s composition dates from 1962 and its current design from 1967. The White Andreask expresses a desire for peace, the green fields a hope for the future, and the red fields symbolize the struggle for independence. The three stars in the middle stand for the country’s election… Read More »

Cameroon History

Cameroon – national flag Cameroon – National Flag, Flag of the three Pan-African colors, green, yellow and red, and with the French tricolor as pattern was adopted in 1957. When the British sector in the south in 1961 became part of the state of Cameroon, two yellow stars were inserted in the flag as expression… Read More »

Cape Verde History

Cape Verde – national flag   Cape Verde – National Flag, The Flag has been official since 1992 when the Movement for Democracy (MPD) came to power and abolished the country’s flag from 1975. The new flag shows a closer association with the United States and Europe. Blue stands for the infinite space of sea… Read More »

Central African Republic History

Central African Republic – national flag Central African Republic – National Flag, The flag was adopted in 1958 and unites the blue, white and red colors of the French tricolor with the Pan-African green, yellow and red as an expression of the desire for harmony and cooperation between the former colonial power and the Central… Read More »

Chad History

Chad – national flag Chad – National Flag, The Flag was officially adopted in 1959. As a former French colony, the country chose a flag that combines the colors of the French tricolor with the Pan-African. The blue color is interpreted as a symbol of the sky as well as of hope and agriculture in… Read More »

Egypt History

Egypt – national flag The flag was raised in its current form for the first time in 1984. The red, white and black stripes originate from the so-called Arab Liberation Flag from 1952, when the kingdom was abolished. The emblem in the middle is the national symbol Saladin’s eagle, which in 1984 replaced the golden… Read More »

Ethiopia History

Ethiopia – national flag Ethiopia – National Flag, The flag’s three colors, red, yellow and green, have a long tradition in Ethiopia. They remained from the late 1800’s. used as three pennants and from 1897 put together into a rectangular flag with first red at the top, later green at the top. The colors were… Read More »

Gabon History

Gabon – national flag Gabon – national flag, The flag was officially adopted in 1960. The green color represents the country’s forests and the yellow and blue ribbons symbolize respectively. the equator and the Atlantic. Before independence from France, the yellow stripe was narrower and the flag had the French tricolor in the upper left… Read More »

Ghana History

Ghana – national flag Ghana – National Flag, The flag was first officially launched in 1957 and contains the Pan-African colors, red, yellow and green. The black star symbolizes Africa’s freedom. The model of the flag is the flag of Ethiopia and the colors are the colors of the leading Ghanaian political party. Countryaah: What… Read More »

Guinea History

Guinea – national flag The flag was officially adopted at independence in 1958. As a former French colony, the country chose a flag with three vertical stripes. The colors are the colors of both the Pan-African and Guinea’s Democratic Party. Red stands for the blood that has been sacrificed in the freedom struggle. Yellow symbolizes… Read More »

Guinea-Bissau History

Guinea-Bissau – national flag Guinea-Bissau – National Flag, The flag was first raised by the Declaration of Independence in 1973. It is identical to the 1961 Liberation Movement flag except that it had the initials of the movement under the star, which represents Africa and its black population. The colors are the Pan-African: red for… Read More »

Kenya History

Kenya – national flag Kenya – National Flag, At independence in 1963 Kenya adopted a flag based on the KANU flag of the liberation organization. In the color symbol of the flag, the black color stands for the people, the red shows that the blood of an African is the same color as that of… Read More »

Liberia History

Liberia – national flag Liberia – national flag, Liberia’s first flag of 1827 was similar to that of the United States, though it had a cross instead of stars. At independence in 1847, the cross was replaced with a star. The eleven stripes stand for the eleven signers of the country’s Declaration of Independence. Blue… Read More »

Libya History

Libya – national flag Since independence as a kingdom in 1951, Libya has had several flags; In 1972-77, the country’s flag was the same as that of Egypt and Syria, but when Egypt made peace with Israel, Libya changed its flag to a solid green. After the fall of Gaddafi in 2011, the original flag,… Read More »

Madagascar History

Madagascar – national flag The flag of Madagascar was officially hoisted in 1958. It is based on the red and white flags of the ancient indigenous dynasties. A large part of Madagascar’s population comes from immigrants from Southeast Asia, and the flag is flown at the flag of Indonesia. The green color was added and… Read More »

Malawi History

Malawi – history Malawi – History, In 1000- or 1100-t. settlers in present-day Malawi. The name Malawi comes from the Maravi Federation, which was a loosely organized group of bantust states, presumably established in the late 1400’s, whose economic foundations were agriculture and trade in ivory, gold and slaves. In the 1800’s. the slave trade… Read More »

Mali History

Mali – national flag Mali – national flag, The flag was officially adopted in 1961. The French tricolor was the model, but the colors are pan-African and inspired by the flags of Ethiopia and Ghana. In Mali’s case, the colors are also party colors for the African Democratic Assembly, which led the country to independence.… Read More »

Mauritania History

Mauritania – national flag Mauritania – national flag, The flag was officially adopted in 1959. Both the green color and the star and crescent are Islamic symbols. Most residents profess Islam, but the country also has a large minority of black Africans, therefore the green and yellow color as two of the three pan-African colors.… Read More »

Mozambique History

Mozambique – national flag Mozambique – National Flag, The Flag was introduced in 1983 and, apart from the state arms in the red triangle, it is similar to the Liberation Movement Frelimo’s flag. In the weapon, the rifle, the book and the chop symbolize defense, education and agriculture. The star stands for socialism, the green… Read More »

Namibia History

Namibia (National Flag) Namibia (National Flag), The flag was first officially launched in 1990. Its colors are a combination of the colors of the political parties SWAPO and DTA. The golden sun represents life and energy, the red represents the strength of the people, the blue symbolizes the Atlantic, the green refers to the country’s… Read More »

Niger History

Niger – National Flag Niger – National Flag, The flag was officially adopted in 1959. The orange color stands for the Sahara, the green symbolizes the south rainforests as well as the hope, the white represents the Niger river and purity. The sun in the middle is a symbol of the will of the people… Read More »

Nigeria History

Nigeria – national flag Nigeria – National Flag, The flag was first officially launched in 1960. It is designed by a Nigerian student who won the competition to design a national flag. The green color stands for arable farming, the white symbolizes peace and unity. Countryaah: What does the flag of Nigeria look like? Follow… Read More »

Qatar History

Qatar – national flag The flag in its current form has been in use since approximately 1949. Like other flags of the Persian Gulf countries, it was originally red (in use from 1855). In 1949, the red color was replaced by a chestnut brown, a color obtained when a red dye is exposed to sunlight.… Read More »

Republic of the Congo History

Congo – national flag Congo National Flag, The Flag was adopted in 1959. The three Pan-African colors, green, yellow and red, used in diagonal stripes are used to separate the flag from the flags of other African states with the same colors. 1969-91, the Marxist-Leninist government used a red flag with star, hammer and pick.… Read More »

Rwanda History

Rwanda – national flag Rwanda – National Flag, The flag was introduced last day in 2001. It must represent national unity after the 1994 genocide. Therefore, there is nothing red and black in the flag as these colors are too reminiscent of blood and sorrow. Green stands for hope and prosperity, yellow for wealth, and… Read More »