Cities and Resorts in Belarus

By | May 19, 2022


Mogilev is a large city, which is very popular among tourists during weekends and holidays.


The city is densely populated, but at the same time very cozy. It’s nice to walk along the embankment or Leninskaya street, looking into the parks and admiring the numerous sculptures. Of course, the sights are also worth seeing. For example, the Church of St. Stanislaus, Nikolsky Cathedral, City Hall and many other buildings deserve attention.

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Very worthwhile museums in the city, for example, the Museum of Local Lore, the Byalynitsky-Biruli Museum or the Maslennikov Museum.

Some people prefer to visit the city during the annual Animaevka, Golden Hit or Mighty God festivals.

With children, you can go to the zoo or take a walk through the ethnographic village.


You won’t be able to do particularly active shopping here, but you can buy locally produced goods. This can be done in shopping centers, for example, “Panorama” or “Alice”, or in the markets of the city. In the shopping center you can also find branded clothes and accessories, although in small quantities.


If you are interested in medical and ski holidays, Belarus offers tourists such a resort as Silichi.


Therapeutic rest here is primarily aimed at treating the respiratory system, eliminating digestive problems and improving the condition of the body as a whole. Cryotherapy, inhalations, balneotherapy, visits to salt caves are actively practiced. Various programs are offered, for example, “Tonus” to improve the general condition, and “Antistress” – ideal for a vacation after hard work.

Treatment in winter can be combined with skiing.


The resort has three ski slopes, the longest is almost a kilometer long. There is a snowboarding track. You can climb to the top using a cable car. There is a separate training slope for beginners with a length of only 120 meters. In the evenings the slopes are illuminated. There is a separate area for snowmobiling.


There are no special attractions and entertainments other than active ones. There is a very beautiful nature on the Forest Lake, you can relax in gazebos and areas equipped for barbecue. There are also opportunities for football, tennis, volleyball and fishing – the bite here is excellent.


Where to relax in Belarus actively? Logoisk, a resort not far from Minsk, “Belarusian Switzerland”, is ideal for this. Its ecology and infrastructure are almost as good as European resorts.


In total, there are five tracks in Logoisk, with a total length of 3.5 thousand meters. A cable car and a drag lift deliver tourists to the top. The trails are lit and maintained with a snow cannon. There is a separate training slope and, of course, equipment rental and instructors. For children and adults, there is also riding on cheesecakes, there is a rope town and a volleyball and paintball court, and even a small football field.


There are many interesting sights in the city, for example, the church of St. Casimir, the St. Nicholas Church with the ancient icon of the Logoisk Mother of God, the Logoisk astroblem (crater from a meteorite fall) and others.

Visa and customs

Going on vacation to Belarus is not at all difficult, since Russian citizens do not need a visa or even a foreign passport – an internal Russian passport will be enough. Russians do not need to register anywhere or pay any fees – in general, traveling is very simple.

Customs rules are quite democratic. You can import up to 5900 dollars or a similar amount of other currency according to the exchange rate. Within reasonable limits, you can bring in personal items, alcohol and cigarettes. Dangerous substances and items are not allowed to be imported, and some video, audio and printed materials are also not allowed, but this is usually not a fault.

IMPORTANT: In general, the border between countries is open, so usually Russians are not subject to screening.

How tourism in Belarus coped with the economic crisis

When the economic crisis struck, which hit Russia hard, the tourist region of Belarus had to make a lot of efforts to return the former flow of tourists from our country. Mikhail Petrovich Portnoy, Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism, noted that a number of measures were taken to increase the competitiveness of the tourism product, which you can learn more about from the video.

As a result, it was possible to achieve that the tourist flow increased by 1.2 times. At the same time, the Russian Federation remains the main “supplier” of tourists to Belarus. Also in the video, the minister spoke about what attracts tourists to Belarus not only from the CIS, but also from Asia and Europe, who could easily go to any other country. At the same time, in terms of the quality of services provided, Belarus is approaching the European level, while maintaining lower prices.

Cities and Resorts in Belarus