Cities and Resorts in Brazil

By | May 19, 2022

Angra Dos Reis

This resort is located southwest of Rio. It is famous for its picturesque coastline and numerous islands off the coast. The resort is popular with celebrities, often featured in Brazilian broadcasts and is very popular with tourists.

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In the bay of the resort there are about two thousand beaches for every taste. Many of them are very small and cozy, with white sand, almost always deserted. Trees and mountains create an additional relaxing atmosphere.

The most famous of the beaches:

  • Ensenada – famous for beautiful sunsets
  • Fazenda – ideal for families with children due to the shallow bottom
  • Tanguazinho – “wild”, without infrastructure, but very beautiful
  • Groot – framed by rocks
  • Grande – with a yacht club and bars
  • Bonfim – a favorite place of bohemia

There are also a lot of places for recreation and swimming on the islands off the coast. Some of the islands can be reached by swimming, or by motorboat or yacht.


Anga Dos Reis is good not only for its beaches. See the Naval Ministry Building, the Angra Dos Reis Fountain, and the monument to the wreck of Akidaba, Brazil’s mighty warship.

The island of Ilha Grande is rich in sights – an underwater cave, an aqueduct, a 15-meter waterfall and the Church of Santara deserve the attention of tourists.

Active entertainment includes trekking and ecotourism, hiking and cycling, boating, fishing and much more.


A very colorful city, once the capital, with the atmosphere of colonial Brazil.


In total, there are about 80 kilometers of beaches. Some are in bays and are good for diving and swimming, while others are open and ideal for surfing. There are also beaches with “pools” of coral reefs – a great place for a family vacation. The main beach – Praia da Barra, at the lighthouse of Fort St. Anthony, just belongs to the latter.

There are good beaches on the island of Itaparica.


Salvador is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper city with old buildings is the center of spiritual and administrative life. Be sure to look at Piazza Pelourinho and the Cathedral.

The lower town is famous for its fortified forts and the Rio Branco Palace.

You can take a walk in the city parks – Costa Azul with a beautiful bridge and the Garden of Lovers. There are also museums, for example, the Afro-Brazilian Museum, the Museum of Numismatics and others.


This is the best place to buy souvenirs and folk art. Ordinary souvenirs are sold at the Rua Gregorio de Matos store and are quite inexpensive. Products of local craftsmen are sold in the Pelourinho area. In the Galeria Gallery you can buy works by Brazilian artists. The clothes of local designers, which are sold mainly in Shopping Barra and Aeroclube Plaza Show, are also good – they are inexpensive and of high quality.


Florianopolis is a popular resort town located on the mainland and the island of Santa Catarina.


Most of all, tourists love Canavieiras beach, with beautiful sand, well-developed infrastructure and wonderful nature. There are many restaurants, children’s and sports grounds. Great place to stay with kids.

Beautiful and prestigious Jurere, surrounded by luxurious mansions. If you like surfing, visit Ponta das Canas, where even beginners can comfortably train. There are also waves on Praia Brava, where competitions in this sport are constantly held. Experienced surfers will love Praia da Joaquina, while beginners will love Praia Moli.


The first thing to do is to take a walk along the Central Square on November 15, named after the formation of Brazil as a republic. There are many beautiful buildings in the square, which are especially beautiful in the evening. It is worth highlighting the Governor’s Palace.

There are also many beautiful places around Florianopolis, for example, Lake Lagoa da Conceicao.

Of the entertainment available mainly water sports, primarily surfing, although there are clubs, bars and restaurants for nightlife.


There are several places for shopping:

  • Shopping center Beiramar with boutiques
  • Itaguacu shopping center with cinema halls and boutiques, almost in the city center
  • ТЦ Florida
  • Iguatemi Florianopolis with modern cinema halls

Visa and customs

Citizens of Russia do not need a visa to visit Brazil. You can stay in the country for 90 days in six months. To enter you will need a passport and return tickets, sometimes they require confirmation of hotel reservations.

Customs rules are standard. Import and export of currency is unlimited, cigarettes and alcohol are subject to restrictions. It is forbidden to import and export drugs, dangerous items and substances, meat and meat and dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, eggs, plants, honey, etc.

You cannot export skins and products from them, claws, feathers and shells, antiques, art objects and historical values without special permission.

Cities and Resorts in Brazil