Cities and Resorts in Cuba

By | May 19, 2022


Located a couple of hours drive from the capital of Cuba, the Varadero resort is, without false modesty, a tourist Mecca that makes your vacation in Cuba unforgettable. The city, not to mention the ecologically clean coastal strip, combines colonial architecture, modern nightclubs and suburbs rich in archaeological sites.

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The legendary beaches of Varadero with white coral sand are perhaps the main reason why tourists choose this particular resort. And the second reason is that all sectors of the coast have free entrance, regardless of the level of service, which cannot but please guests who are not used to paying extra for a place in the sun.

Another feature – there is no division into sectors as such – all 20 km of the coast are considered a single beach of Varadero Beach. Some areas look unpresentably overgrown with burnt grass, and in some places neat rows of sun loungers are lined up under coconut fiber umbrellas. To rest as a savage or a “white man” is up to everyone to decide.

Luxury activities include boat trips from the pier for diving, or a horseback riding lesson at the local range. The resort provides a huge number of sports grounds and open-air discos.

Important: Holidays in Varadero are fraught with a serious danger in the form of inhabitants of the deep sea. Periodically, Portuguese boats swim to the shallows – especially poisonous jellyfish. In addition to them, you should beware of sea snakes thrown ashore by the tide.


Almost any city tour begins with a visit to Josone Park, which is both a botanical garden, a zoo and a giant entertainment center. In addition to the rarest species of birds and tree species, there are own clubs for bowling, sports shooting and golf.

Other, no less interesting objects of Varadero are:

  • Jose Smith Sugar Factory;
  • Al Capone’s house and Dupont’s mansion;
  • Rock painting of the cave of Ambrosio;
  • Reserve and dolphinarium “Varaikakos”;
  • Boca de Guam crocodile farm.

Local nightclubs, of which there are several dozen, are peculiar sights. Almost everywhere – live Latin American music, themed days dedicated to individual dances, and much more. Recommended establishments include:

  • “Cuevos The Pirates”;
  • «Mambo»;
  • «Calle 62»;
  • «Tuxpan»;
  • «House of Music».


There are plenty of shopping areas in Varadero: these are ubiquitous street markets, and expensive boutiques, mainly Spanish brands, and cozy liquor and cigar shops:

  • “The House of Rum”;
  • “The House of the Habano”;
  • “Plaza Las Morlas”;
  • Hicacos Shopping Center.


For any of the tourists, a holiday in Cuba is not complete without the purchase of little things that will long remind you of a trip to a paradise island. And although the assortment of many stores cannot be compared with European resorts, something is still worth buying.


The popular drink of Cubans is now represented by more than ten brands and hundreds of varieties. Tourists prefer aging of 7 years or more


The main export commodity and invariable accessory of the great revolutionaries has now become less popular due to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, but guests will certainly take home a couple of boxes.

Coral and pearl jewelry

An expensive and risky souvenir – some types of natural materials are prohibited for export or require a detailed customs declaration. But, if the seller has everything in order with the license, there will be no problems

National clothes

All competitions – guayabera – men’s linen shirt with four large pockets on the chest and stomach. Literally everyone here wears them – from street musicians to local politicians.

Musical instruments

In general, the set is typical for the Caribbean, but claves or guiros can be an exotic gift for someone.


Although it is sold under Spanish brands, all production is established in Cuba, and the most famous women’s perfume “Mariposa” is known all over the world, because they are made without the addition of alcohol.

Visa and customs

For a Russian citizen who decides to go to the Caribbean on vacation, Cuba provides the right to visa-free entry for tourism purposes for no more than 30 days. For registration at the border control you need:

  • Passport with a validity period of more than 6 months at the time of completion of the tour; Original return ticket;
  • Migration card filled in two copies (issued upon arrival).

In addition, the guest is obliged to confirm his financial independence in the form of a bank statement covering living expenses according to the minimum formula: $50 per person per day, or the equivalent amount in rubles at the current exchange rate.

Read about how to get a visa for a trip for a longer period, as well as what customs rules and regulations exist in Cuba – read here.

Cities and Resorts in Cuba