Cities and Resorts in Czech Republic


Where to relax in the Czech Republic, if not in Prague? The capital of the country, one of the largest cities in Central Europe, has been attracting tourists for many years. Prague was hardly damaged during the Second World War, and this makes it even more interesting. At the same time, antiquity and modernity are organically combined here, which makes the city attractive to young people.

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Staroe Mesto is the main historical district of the city. You should definitely visit the Old Town Square with its sights – the town hall and the temple. And it’s definitely worth just walking along the streets – visit the Josefov quarter and the Jewish cemetery, look at the St. Nicholas Cathedral and be sure to climb the Charles Bridge.

It will not be possible to list all the sights of the city within the framework of the article, so we will turn your attention to the Prague Castle, the Vysehrad Fortress, Wenceslas Square, the National Theater and monuments of modern architecture – the Dancing House and the Petrin Tower. In general, you can walk around Prague in any direction – and you will definitely find something interesting.

There are a lot of museums in the capital, of which the largest is the National Museum. Interesting to visit the museum of Mozart, Czech music, technical, wax figures, Czech glass, medieval history, literature. Adults are advised to visit the Museum of Erotic Toys and the Museum of Torture Instruments. But with children you can go, for example, to the Chocolate Museum, alchemists and magicians, ghosts and legends and the Toy Museum.

In general, there are a lot of opportunities for families with children in the capital. A great place would be Children’s Island – a real island with many attractions. Children and adults will have fun in the Aquapalace or Dinopark water park.

If you want to admire the animals, then you should visit the city zoo, which is truly unique, or the Morsky Svet Aquarium.


Shops in Prague look very nice, even ordinary souvenir shops. Shopping here can be done in different ways. If you want to buy something traditional, then go to the Lapiz Diamond factory, where they sell cheap pomegranate jewelry and Bohemian glass. European brands can be bought on Parizhskaya Street, in shops on Wenceslas Square and in the shopping centers Palladum, Kotva, Chodov, Letnany and others. Cheaper shopping is available on Přikope Street. It is also interesting to buy sweets and toys at Christmas markets if you have chosen the Czech Republic for Christmas and New Year holidays.

Sales in the capital are mainly in April, July, October and the end of December.

Karlovy Vary

Many tourists answer the question “Where to relax in the Czech Republic” – definitely in Karlovy Vary. This is an ideal place to improve your health and spend time in peace and quiet.


A variety of diseases can be treated at the resort, but the best local water copes with problems in the digestive system. There are various geysers and springs, water is used for baths, hydrotherapy and drinking. Also, the local nature and climate have an additional therapeutic effect – doctors even prescribe walking along specially designed routes.

For tourists there are treatment courses for one, two or three weeks with baths, oxygen therapy, massage and physiotherapy.


There are several old buildings in the city, for example, the Castle Tower – however, it has been restored and is much more elegant than in antiquity. The symbol of the resort is the sculpture “Deer Leap”. There is also an Orthodox church here, since the resort was very popular with Russians in the 19th century. Also noteworthy is the Geyser Colonnade with the largest geyser source in the city. The Mill colonnade, built in the 18th century, is also interesting.

If you want a more cultural holiday, then visit the local history museum or the Jan Becher Museum.

It is not very fun to relax at the resort with children or teenagers, but if you are relaxing with the whole family, you can send offspring to a special children’s sanatorium. If you want something active, you can go to the climbing wall, conquer the rope park or swim in one of the city’s pools. Family tourists are recommended Loket Castle and Diana funicular. A zoo is opened at the top of the funicular in summer. Well, in general, for entertainment and children’s recreation, you can go to Prague.


There are few entertainments in Karlovy Vary, but the shopping here is very good. You can buy products from Czech glass, or you can buy things from European brands. Luxury shops are located in the resort area, on Trziste, Divadelni Namnesti, Stara Louka streets. You can buy cheaper things on Masaryk Street. Well, for economical shopping, the Variada or Tesco shopping center is suitable.

Spindle Mill

Interested in an active holiday in the Czech Republic? Then Spindlerov Mlyn, the best ski resort in the country, is right for you. It includes several villages and ski centers.


Most of all, tourists like to ride in the regions of St. Peter and Medvedin.

The first is located on Mount Plan, at an altitude of about 1000 meters. 11 runs, of which two are black, four are red and five are blue. There is an area for cross-country skiing and snowboarding.

The second region, Medvedin, is a little less popular. One black slope, five red and one blue – the place is suitable for skiing more experienced skiers.

The lifts are open until 16:00, there are lifts to the slopes for evening skiing, working until 9:00 pm.

Children can be left in local kindergartens, where they can be put on skis if desired. Of course, there are equipment rental points.


There are not too many interesting places here. You can climb to the Kozi hrbety observation deck, go to the Snezhka mountain past the Lucni bouda shelter. Some tourists visit the source of the Elbe, one of the largest rivers in Europe.

You can actively take a break from skiing in the local water park with swimming pools, water slides and attractions for children.


Brno is the second largest city in the country after the capital. It used to be the capital of the Great Moravian Principality, and now it attracts tourists with its diverse architecture, beautiful squares and narrow streets.


The city is interesting for its architectural monuments, some of which were built in the 11th century. Tourists especially love the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Spielberg Castle, Villa Tugendhat, Freedom Square and the old town hall, the oldest architectural monument. The local theater and the Parnassus Fountain in the city center are also very beautiful.

From interesting places you can go to the city planetarium, the Botanical Garden, the city museum in Spielberg Castle, the Moravian Museum and the Technical Museum.

If you like natural attractions, then take a walk to the Brno Reservoir or visit the caves of the Moravian Karst.

The city is also famous for its festivals, such as the fireworks parade at the beginning of summer, the hot air ballooning festival or the Spielberg international festival dedicated to symphonic music.


If you want to buy expensive brands, head to Galerie Vankovka, with its luxurious showrooms. Souvenirs are best bought at Olympia. If you need food and alcohol, be sure to visit Paneria, Interspar and Billa, or the Zelny trh summer market.

Cesky Krumlov

This small town is very fabulous, looks like a setting for a story about brave knights and beautiful princesses, so it is not surprising that it is so loved by tourists.


The whole city is one big attraction, you can walk endlessly along its streets with elegant houses. Of course, there are places that are definitely worth a visit, for example, the Church of St. Vitus, Concorde Square with the town hall building, the Latran district, the Budejovitsky Gate, the castle complex, etc. You can also visit museums, for example, the Wax Museum, the Vlatvin Museum ( unique mineral), Museum of Local Lore, Fairytale House and Graphite Mine.


There is no special shopping here – basically you can make purchases in souvenir shops. You can buy beautiful calendars at the Seidel Photo Studio Museum. And for a beer, you can go to the local brewery Eggenberg.

Visa and customs

Russian citizens need a Schengen visa to visit the Czech Republic. Getting a short-term visa to the Czech Republic is quite simple, it allows you to stay in the country for up to three months.

Customs rules are standard. You can import and export currency unlimitedly, but large amounts must be declared. Goods for non-commercial use can be imported duty-free. It is forbidden to import products containing milk and meat (except for baby food and food for the sick). It is forbidden to export cultural monuments, antiques, art and products made of precious metals and gold require a special permit for export.

Cities and Resorts in Czech Republic