Cities and Resorts in Dominican Republic

By | May 19, 2022

Puerto Plata

Another resort region of the Dominican Republic, uniting several large cities, where hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world come every year. It is in Puerto Plata that there are recreation areas popular with young people and those guests who are used to parties from morning until late at night.

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Actually, the most famous parts of the coast of the tourist area are named after the resorts in which they are located. All three beaches are protected by a coral reef, but the waters here cannot be called calm, which attracts many extreme people from all over the world:

  • Caberate;
  • Sosua;
  • Playa Dorada.

Two other beaches – Punta Rucia and Encuerto – are also very popular among tourists.


A key tourist attraction in Puerto Plata is the country’s largest amusement park, Ocean World. The place has become famous all over the world thanks to the interactive water park, where anyone can swim with sharks, learn how to train dolphins and answer the question of where to relax in the Dominican Republic, in one of the local clubs with live Latin American music.

Among other memorable places in the region, it is recommended to visit:

  • Waterfalls of the Damahagua River;
  • Fortress of San Filipe;
  • Rum factory “Brugal”;
  • Mount Isabel de Torres.


The center of the commercial life of the region is Playa Dorada, where most of the shops are concentrated, headed by the huge shopping center “Playa Dorada Plaza”. Other resorts cannot boast of such luxury, but almost every village has its own small market where you can buy a variety of souvenirs.

La Romana

One of the most modern resorts in the Dominican Republic, La Romana, is hotels spread over an area of 7,000 hectares, pristine beaches, regularly awarded the Blue Flag, and dozens of entertainment areas that guarantee a luxury vacation.


There are not so many beaches within the resort, but all of them are not only exceptionally clean and well-groomed, but also universal in terms of recreation format. On the local coast, you can sunbathe on a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand, or rent a boat for high-speed entertainment on the high seas. The most popular beaches in the city are:

  • Saleta;
  • Minitas;


Most of the tourists at least once visited the tourist center of Casa de Campo. This is a 7,000-acre private club that houses golf courses, a horse ranch, private beaches and a marina for pleasure yachts. You can stay here, renting one of the luxurious villas right on the seashore.

There is also a unique object of its kind – Altos de Chavon, also called the “city of artists”. This is a Spanish colonial village of the 15th century built from scratch, with the full preservation of the surroundings and atmosphere of the era.


As for shopping in La Romana and its environs, you can’t call it cheap. Bill Gates and Madonna used to come here to relax, which played into the hands of local entrepreneurs who established the status of a resort.

Nevertheless, the shopping streets of Dominicas and Bayaibe are the concentration of a huge number of shops, souvenir shops and cozy departments with goods that every guest will like. True, for the reason mentioned, they will cost twice as much as in any other Dominican city.


It is hard to imagine a vacation in the Dominican Republic without going to local shops, incredibly cozy markets and shopping centers that sell things that can hardly be bought anywhere else. And each of these little things will be an excellent souvenir in memory of a bright journey to the other end of the planet.


Dominicans are Cuba’s main competitors in the production of rum. They sell it in every grocery store, and it is not inferior in quality to its Caribbean neighbor. Another national drink – mamajuana – is the name of a strong tincture made of rum, honey and herbal tea, which is considered here as a “drink of love”


To leave a Central American country and not buy fresh roasted beans is a very frivolous act. Moreover, the price for them is ridiculous compared to Russian stores – in terms of our money from 500 rubles per kilogram


Even if you don’t smoke, a couple of 20cm cigars can add some variety to a gift bag for family and friends.

Handmade crockery

It is made in the Dominican Republic from everything that comes to hand – ceramics, wood, pumpkins and coconut shells. A prerequisite is a bright painting with national patterns and symbols that energize


It is a sky blue, milky white or greenish gem. It is mined only in Haiti, which is why it is considered a local jewelry material. Expensive, besides – you will have to declare the purchase, because the export of the stone is strictly controlled

Doll without a face

A kind of souvenir, which the locals call “Lime”. They say that the Indians invented these figurines as a sign of silent protest against the colonialists and in memory of the ancestors killed by a man from the mainland.

Shark teeth

The cheapest, but at the same time the most stylish souvenir. Triangular teeth are used to make beads, bracelets or pendants around the neck.

Visa and customs

If a tourist from Russia goes to the Caribbean on vacation, the Dominican Republic will be open for him without a visa for up to 30 days, a stamp is placed at the border control upon arrival. But for this you need to have:

  • Tourist voucher;
  • Passport valid until the end of the trip.

In addition to the stamp in the document, the guest is given a tourist card, which since 2012 can be purchased in advance, at the consulate, or even ordered via the Internet by paying a fee of $10.

Customs rules in the republic are very specific. Tourists are not allowed to import any meat or dairy products, large sums of money, as well as a number of goods included in national exports. For more information about customs regulations and obtaining a tourist visa for up to 60 days, read here.

Cities and Resorts in Dominican Republic