Cities and Resorts in Finland


Where to relax in Finland with children? The ideal place would be Rovaniemi, the center of the province of Lapli, that is, Lapland, with the village of Santa Claus. Suitable for winter holidays, although there is something to do in the summer.

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The main attraction is the Santa Claus Village. He lives here all year, even in summer. In the village you can chat with Santa, buy souvenirs or play with huskies and deer. But the most interesting thing is Santa Park, which combines beautiful nature, Christmas stories and modern entertainment technologies. On Christmas Eve there are many shows. It is better to check the schedule of events and ticket prices on the official website of Santa Park.

Another place worth visiting is the Rauna Zoo, one of the northernmost. It is home to six dozen species of arctic animals without cages – all of them can be seen by walking along a long wooden bridge through a coniferous forest. The fairy-tale castle near the zoo sells animal figurines and exhibits dolls from around the world.

You should definitely visit the Arktikum Museum, where guests are told about the history, culture and life of the northern peoples. The main exhibition is “Northern crafts”, which tells about the history of the region from ancient times to the present.

Not far from Rovaniemi is Snowland, an ice and snow complex with a restaurant, a disco, an igloo and ice sculpture exhibitions. Here you can stay in an ice hotel.

In the city itself, it is worth seeing Halltuskatu Street with several architectural sights, the Forest Museum and the Peukkel City Museum of Local Lore.


Shopping here is very ethnic, mostly they sell souvenirs made by local craftsmen. Most shops on the pedestrian street Koskikatu. You can visit the Sampokeskus or Revontuli shopping mall or the Marttiini knife store.

Fairs in March, June and September are also interesting from the point of view of shopping and entertainment.


Ruka is a very hospitable resort where you can relax all year round. If you are looking for where to relax in Finland as actively as possible, then he is the right place for you.


About 30 trails descend from Ruka Hill in different directions, and there are many hotels, restaurants, cottages and shops around. All this is served by twenty lifts, among which one is high-speed. The longest track is 1.3 kilometers. There is a freestyle zone, a snow park with jumps, a ski-cross track. Almost all trails are illuminated for evening skiing.

There is not only equipment rental, but also the opportunity to evaluate the latest innovations from leading manufacturers.

Ruka also has an excellent slalom track and special slopes for children. There are toboggan slides, amusement parks and the Happy Family center, where parents can safely leave the baby for the duration of the ride. They also give children discounts on skiing.


Ruka is located in Kuusamo, a place with very beautiful nature. You can visit the local husky kennel or reindeer camp, or visit the Finnish Santa Claus Joulupukki’s “cottage”. Also near the resort is the Oulanka Park with lakes and waterfalls, along which you can walk along the Bear Trail tourist route.

In the city itself, there is also something to see: the Kuusamo House with exhibitions and a cinema, the Museum of Local Lore, the Pentik factory for the production of ceramics. For entertainment, there are numerous clubs, bars, taverns and the Angry Birds children’s center.

You should definitely visit the sauna – there are many of them in the city, but the best one is located in the Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki spa hotel by the lake. There are other entertainments – reindeer, dog and snowmobile riding, winter fishing, a water park, etc.


It is best to buy handmade goods here. They are sold in the Kumpare shopping center and the Ruka Store. Also, almost everywhere here you can buy high-quality sports equipment and fishing goods – however, they are not cheap.


This is a beautiful city with numerous monuments and a very diverse recreation.


Summer in the country is short, but in July or early August in Tampere it is quite possible to swim and sunbathe on the local lakes. The best places for this are on Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi.


There are many ski centers around Tampere. Among them are Hervanta with three slopes and Ellivuori with a wide range of entertainment and low prices.


Tampere is a young city, but there are many beautiful architectural monuments. Home – The Cathedral, more like a palace. And yes, there are a lot of churches. In addition to them, you can visit the observation tower of Nyasinneula, a monument in the form of an eagle and “Tampere Palace” – a modern concert hall, one of the best in Scandinavia.

There are also many museums here. You will definitely enjoy the museum of espionage, minerals, boxing, hockey, and with children, be sure to visit the Mummilaasko Museum dedicated to the Moomin trolls.

From entertainment, excellent water parks are available – Rantasipi Eden with a dolphinarium and the Holiday Club Tampere Spa.


There are many shopping centers in the city. You can visit the Ideapark with boutiques, Koskikeskus and Stockmann, or the Joulupuu store, where they sell the best souvenirs and gifts.


Looking for where to relax in Finland closer to Russia? Then you will like Imatra, a town right on the border, with a beautiful lake, natural beauties and ample opportunities for a relaxing holiday and fishing.


Imatra is interesting for the Vuoks River, with a fast current, rapids and a beautiful waterfall. A beautiful bridge will be stretched over the dam built on the river, although the sad glory of the “suicide bridge” has stuck behind it. In the city, people who committed suicide even erected a monument.

Another beautiful place is the open-air museum Karelian House, with beautiful landscapes and ancient log houses. It will also be interesting to visit the automobile museum, the house-museum of the worker or the museum of the border service.

Cities and Resorts in Finland