Cities and Resorts in Hungary


This ancient city in the north of the Hungary, like others, is attractive due to its baths, although there are also interesting sights here. The locals also praise their wines.

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Eger has a lot of opportunities for treatment and relaxation. For example, in the 17th century, a Turkish bath was built here, which today houses a balneological center with healing water and pools. Next to the bath, there is a thermal bath, with ordinary and medicinal water, which is used to fight diseases of the bones and the musculoskeletal system. There is also something like a beach complex with seven pools with thermal water, a children’s pool and an effect pool.

If Eger gets bored, you can go to the young resort of Egerszalok with a wellness complex offering a wide range of wellness services.


Eger is famous for its neoclassical, baroque and gothic architecture. Mostly palaces and cathedrals are interesting here. The main attraction is the 13th-century Eger Fortress with the Istvan Dobo Museum, a mint and an art gallery, as well as a lapidarium and a wax museum.

In addition to the fortress, we recommend to see:

  • Church of Anthony of Padua XVIII century;
  • Neoclassical cathedral with the largest organ in Hungary;
  • Turkish minaret with an observation deck.

You can go on excursions in the mountains around the city – it is very beautiful and picturesque there. And we also advise you to visit the “Valley of Beauties” – the valley of winemakers, where the ancient traditions of the country are still honored.

There are also many festivals and holidays. At the end of July, the tournament “Fun of the Border Fortress” takes place, with knightly battles and performances by artists. And in mid-July, the Bull’s Blood wine festival is held.


For souvenirs, it is better to go to the main Senechi street. Shopping is better to do in the Agria Plaza shopping center itself, or in Tesco and Lidl supermarkets on the outskirts.


An ideal place for relaxation and therapeutic rest.


All treatment at the resort is concentrated around Lake Heviz of volcanic origin. Usually therapy consists of swimming in this lake on an inflatable ring. The water is saturated with thorium, sulphur, radon and carbon dioxide, and is swum and ingested. In winter, bathing moves to an indoor bath.

Many sanatoriums have been built around the lake, where the effect of the waters is complemented by massages, mud baths and other physiotherapy.


Heviz is beautiful in itself with streets and parks, but there are no remarkable architectural monuments in it. You can go to neighboring Keszthely – look at the Festeich Palace, Batthyany Castle, the Balaton Museum or the Puppet Museum. Also in the vicinity of the city there are several fortresses from the Middle Ages. Sümegskaya, for example, was built in the 11th century and is considered the oldest in the country.

There are also natural attractions – the National Park of the Balaton Upland, the Tapoltsy caves, etc.

With children, you can go to the buffalo reserve. And in the neighboring village of Kehidakushtan there is a complex not only with thermal waters, but also with a water park.


The main shopping here is in hotels – they often have shops of luxury brands. On the counters of souvenir shops you can find local products such as paprika, carvings and textiles. But there is no special shopping here – people come here to relax and rest.

Matra mountain range

In terms of outdoor activities, Hungary does not have much to offer, but the Marta Mountains have some noteworthy skiing trails.


Trails are organized on the mountains of Kekeshteto and Gagliateto. They are suitable for both professional athletes and complete beginners, for whom a ski school is open here. There are six tracks in total, their total length is 3.5 kilometers, the height difference is up to 146 meters. The trails are illuminated in the evenings. There is a toboggan run.

Medical tourism

Skiing can be combined with a therapeutic holiday – in the valley of the Tarna stream there is Paradfordo, a bath with special thermal acidic water, which helps with stomach diseases and gynecological problems. And the local air itself has a healing effect.


There are no special attractions here. You can walk through beech and oak forests, look at wineries and vineyards.

Visa and customs

You will need a Schengen visa to travel to Hungary. Usually a category C visa is taken, which allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days. If you take a visa specifically to Hungary, then you should spend most of the time in this country, and not in other EU countries.

Customs rules are standard. A certain amount of cigarettes, alcohol and personal goods are allowed to be imported duty-free. It is forbidden to import dangerous substances and objects, medicines without prescriptions, meat and dairy products, flowers, plants and animals without a vaccination certificate.

You can take out up to a liter of wine and strong alcohol, a reasonable amount of beer and cigarettes, not too many souvenirs. It is forbidden to export products made of precious metals without certificates, items of artistic and historical value.

Cities and Resorts in Hungary