Cities and Resorts in Japan

By | May 19, 2022


Where to relax in Japan with the opportunity to swim? The ideal place would be Okinawa, an island in the south of the country in the Ryukyu archipelago, with the regional capital in the city of Naha.

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There are beaches here both on Okinawa itself and on neighboring islands, and we will consider the best of them:

  • Furuzamami is the best place according to tourists. Located on Zamami Island. The coast is sandy, there are several inexpensive hotels and camping around;
  • Aharen – a beach on the island of Tokashiki, with a sandy shore and opportunities for snorkeling (swimming);
  • Minna-Jimma is a tiny beach on the island of the same name, with almost white sand and clear water. You need to get here separately, there are no hotels here;
  • Mibaru is a beach on the main island, not far directly from Naha. Attracts with bizarre rocks;
  • Emerald is a beach on the island of Okinawa, next to the Ocean Expo Park aquarium. It is divided into three lagoons, ennobled, there are all conditions for a comfortable stay;
  • Namino is a city beach in Naha, next to the freeway. The coast is not bad, although very crowded. But very close to the city and the airport, which is very convenient.

The beaches are often not particularly comfortable, but free. Some are very wild and suitable for those who like a quiet relaxing holiday.


Here you can not only lie on the beach, but also see quite interesting monuments of architecture and culture. Most of them are in Naha, for example, Shuri Castle, which is included in the UNESCO list. It combines Okinawan, Chinese and Korean architectural styles. Nearby is the traditional Kindze quarter. Also worth seeing are the Fukushuen Garden, the stone gates, the central market, and Shintoshin, the city’s new district.

On all the islands of the archipelago, sites are scattered, one way or another connected with the Second World War. In the same Naha there is a Peace Memorial Park, and in Okinawa there is a Himeyuri monument and the former underground headquarters of the leaders of the navy.

On the Motobu Peninsula, be sure to visit the Churaumi Aquarium with the largest artificial water reservoir in the world.

Tourists also like to visit the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Onna – it looks like an ancient castle, and no less interesting inside.


The main shopping, of course, is in Naha itself. Mostly souvenirs, as well as restaurants, are located on Kokusai Street. In Tenbusu Naha, you can buy the work of local artisans. And Vasita sells traditional sweets, souvenirs, alcohol and sea salt.

Yachimun pottery is sold in the old district of Tsuboya, or on Yachimun Street.


Where to relax in Japan as actively as possible? In winter, this can be done in Naebo, the main ski resort in the country.


There are many slopes of different levels, approximately equal in number of green, red and black ones, so both beginners and experienced skiers will definitely like the resort. The tracks are served by three dozen lifts. The length of the longest descent is four thousand meters. Everything is very organized, great attention is paid to the safety of tourists.

Of course, there is a separate playground for toddlers and a children’s ski school for older children and teenagers.


There are not so many of them here, mostly people still come here for outdoor activities. You can ride the cable car to Tashiro. The length of the road is more than five kilometers, and it offers an excellent view.

You can relax after skiing in the traditional Japanese Naebo baths.

For a more cultural getaway, visit the town of Niigata. Here, the Japan Sea Observation Tower, the Rainbow Tower and the Buddhist temple Harukasan are worthy of attention.

Visa and customs

Since January 2017, it is not at all difficult for a Russian citizen to obtain a visa to Japan. You no longer need to provide documents from the guarantor, that is, you do not need to receive an invitation from Japan – just apply for a visa with a hotel reservation confirmation. Now it allows you to travel “savage”, without a travel agency. Usually a visa is given for 90 days and allows you to stay in the country for 15-30 days.

Customs rules are standard. You can import and export any amount of local and foreign currency, a certain amount of cigarettes and alcohol, quite large. Dangerous substances, weapons, some medicines, fresh vegetables and fruits, meat products, pornography, etc. are prohibited for import.

Items of artistic, historical and cultural value are prohibited for export without the permission of the competent authorities.

Cities and Resorts in Japan