Cities and Resorts in Mexico


Today it is one of the most prestigious resorts in Mexico, and at the same time its night capital.

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Caleta and Galetilla are classic beaches, with calm seas and surf. There is also a private recreation area Roqueta, where you can relax in the most expensive hotels.

In the northern part of the resort are the beaches of Tamarindos and Ornos, which combine European chic with exotic nature. Show business and Hollywood stars love to relax here.

Many TV shows have been filmed on La Condesa beach in the heart of Acapulco. Here you can swim in the sea and the waterfall, dive well and admire the dense vegetation.

If you like outdoor activities, choose the Puerto Marques beach area with playgrounds.

It is good to relax with children on Pi de la Cuesta, Caleta and Caletilla – there are small waves, developed infrastructure and a very gentle entrance to the water.


The symbol of the city is the cathedral of Sargario de la Soledad in the Gothic style, on Zocalo Square. Of interest is Fort San Diego of the 17th century with the Historical Museum and the Peace Chapel with an observation deck offering a wonderful view of the city. Notable and Blue Church.

There are not very many museums in Acapulco, but you can visit the museum of art or archeology.

But the nightlife here is highly developed – there are a lot of clubs and bars on the beaches and in the city. There are also opportunities for outdoor activities – diving, windsurfing, fishing, tennis and even skydiving or without it right into the sea.

With children, you can go to Papagayo Park, CiCi Aquatic Center, Roqueta Island Zoo or Aquarium.


Like many other resorts, Acapulco has a lot of large shopping centers, boutiques and jewelry stores. The most popular place is La Isla, which sells food, clothes, jewelry and even evening dresses. There are many more shops in Brilliant Acapulco and Zocalo Square. Everything is quite expensive – only in jewelry stores and craft shops you can find something at reasonable prices.

For souvenirs, it is best to go to the colorful city markets, for example, Perla de Acapulco. And the Craft Market sells handicrafts by local craftsmen.



It is the second largest city in Mexico. It is famous for its gardens and parks, excellent cuisine and mariachi folk music.


There are really a lot of attractions in the city. The Basilica of the Virgin Mary de Zapopan with a miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary deserves special attention. No less beautiful is the Cathedral with religious relics.

It is also worth visiting the Neoclassical Palace de Gobierno, the Government Palace, the Lopez Portillo family mansion with antiques, the Cabañas Hospital and others.

The most interesting entertainments of the resort are related to the national culture – this is the Mexican rodeo charriada, as well as mariachi music, which even hosts the festival. Dancing under mariachi is also very perky and colorful.

If you want more classic entertainment, you can visit the city zoo, Tobolandia and Agua Caliente water parks, or one of the many amusement parks: Natural Adventure, Las Botas Extraviadas or Selva Magica. Night entertainment is also here – chic clubs, night bars and casinos.

If you decide to leave the city, be sure to take the Tequila Express train through the most beautiful places in Mexico, or take a walk through the Barranca de Oblatos canyon and visit the town of Tequila.


Since this is the second largest city in the country, there are many large shopping centers. They are mainly concentrated in the west of the city. Be sure to visit the Centro Magno with shopping pavilions, entertainment venues and rather low prices.

The markets are pretty good too, especially the Mercado Libertad with amazing souvenirs.


There are four Meridas in the world – in Spain, the Philippines, Venezuela and Mexico, the latter being the largest. This is the cultural capital of Yucatan, somewhat provincial, with amazing local flavor. From here it is convenient to start a trip around the peninsula.


There are no beaches in the city itself, but you can go to nearby resorts. For example, Progreso has a huge beach coastline where flamingos roam freely. And in Sisal, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, you can relax quietly and calmly, drinking cocktails. There are direct buses to both places.


The main advantage of Merida is its architectural monuments. For example, the 16th century Cathedral of San Il de Fonso with a replica of the statue of Christ, the house of Montejo (the founder of the city), the Jesuit church Iglesia de Jesus, built from a destroyed Mayan temple. To the north is the Italian-style opera house. If you drive a little away from the city, you can visit the open plantation Hacienda Yaxcopoil with a manor and an exhibition hall.

There are also museums – the archaeological and modern art galleries of Masau and Merida are especially interesting. With children, you can go to the zoo at the corner of Calle 59 and Avenide Itzaes – it is open from early morning.

Especially fun in Merida at the annual March Carnival. And literally every evening, musicians and folklore groups perform throughout the city – for example, dances to orchestral music are open in Santa Anna on Thursdays.


There are many shopping centers in the north of the city and its outskirts, for example, AltaBrisa, Liverpool and Gran Plaza. Souvenirs and food are good to buy at the Mexican market in the southeast of Grande Square.

Cities and Resorts in Mexico