Cities and Resorts in Morocco

By | May 19, 2022


One of the ancient capitals of Morocco, near the Atlas Mountains. There are no beaches here, but tourists still love this ancient beautiful city.

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Where to relax in Morocco as actively as possible? This hot country, despite its climate, offers a good ski holiday in the Atlas Mountains, not far from Marrakech.

The Ukaimeden ski resort has three hotel complexes, cafes, bars, a wellness center and, of course, slopes with lifts. The length of the trails ranges from 600 meters to a kilometer.

Another resort, Ifrane, is suitable for skiers and snowboarders. The resort is very beautiful, sometimes it is called “Moroccan Switzerland”.


The city is very old, so there are many interesting places here. Most of the architectural monuments are located in Medina. You should definitely visit Jemaa el Fna Square, Ali Ben Youssef Mosque, Koutoubia Mosque, Dar Si Said Museum and many other places. A little away from the old town is the beautiful Majorelle Garden, and in the western part, the Menara Gardens. Well, the city bazaars are a special attraction. In general, it is very difficult to find sights here, since the streets of Marrakech are extremely confusing.

On Jemaa el-Fna Square, you will be greeted by real Moroccan exoticism – snake charmers, strange songs, games and dances.

For an active pastime, it is worth visiting the water park, which will appeal to both children and adults. The golf center is also popular, as well as various spas for relaxation and recovery.

If you like nightlife, then visit the clubs Nikki Beach and The Rose. And lovers of gambling in Marrakesh are waiting for casinos, for example, Casino de Marrakech.


The main trade here is in the markets. Be sure to visit the Marrakech Souk – just don’t get lost in the many rows. The market “Lamp of Aladdin” with wonderful antique gizmos is interesting. There are also many shopping centers, but shopping in them may not be very profitable. The most popular center is KiFKiF, where you can buy branded clothes and other goods.


Fez is a large ancient city, an example of the Muslim Middle Ages, the best memory of the past. The perfect place to experience Moroccan culture.


The main city attraction is Al-Karaouin, a religious and educational complex, in fact the oldest university in the world, founded back in 859. The complex also includes a mosque and the tomb of the founder of Fez.

Other sights of interest include the Bab Bu Dzhelud Gate, the Royal Palace, the Seven Fortress, Budzhelud Gardens and many other places.

You can have fun with horseback riding, golf, tennis, as well as visiting various summer festivals. But there are no discos and clubs here – only in hotels.


Basically, you can buy here souvenirs and the work of local craftsmen in the markets and bazaars throughout the city. Tourists like the Spice Bazaar and the Medicinal Plant Bazaar, although there are also general markets. In the tanners’ quarter, you can buy unique leather goods.


This major port city is suitable for swimming and sightseeing.


City beaches are not very clean, they have a lot of locals and beggars, so it is not recommended to choose hotels on them or relax here. In addition, local waters are not suitable for swimming. In general, it is better to leave the city.

It is most pleasant to swim in the Mediterranean Sea – it is warmer and the waters are calmer there. There you can choose almost any part of the coast. On the Atlantic Ocean, Sol or Ashakkar beach is good – not too crowded, free and very calm. Strong waves rise in the wind, so be careful.


There are not many interesting places here, but there is something to see. Be sure to walk along the medina and visit the Kasbah fortress – look at the Strait of Gibraltar from it. There are many palaces and mosques in Tangier, of which the Dar el-Makhen palace with museums of Moroccan art and archeology stands out.

In Tangier, there is a very important attraction – the Pillars of Hercules, which border the Strait of Gibraltar.

Entertainment is mainly concentrated in Place de France or Place Sokko. Interesting events often take place in cultural centers and galleries, especially in the summer. You can have fun in the Luna Park near the station. And if you like gambling, then visit the Movenpick Hotel.


Basically, goods are sold in private shops, shops, but there are also network hypermarkets – Asima and Marzhany. Opposite the station there is a shopping and entertainment center Megaram.

For traditional shopping, it is worth visiting the bazaar in the Medina and Casabarata.

Visa and customs

In terms of recreation, Morocco is very comfortable due to the absence of visa formalities. You can stay calmly in the country for 90 days – you only need a passport and filling out a migration card. You can enter here after visiting Israel.

Customs rules are standard, not too strict. You can import any currency, but dirhams are prohibited for export. Alcohol and cigarettes are allowed to be imported in small quantities, but alcohol is often not checked. Professional cameras must be accompanied by a special permit. It is completely forbidden to import materials with erotica, pornography and elements of violence, dangerous objects and substances, drugs and any products that offend Islam.

Remember – customs officers in Morocco are very slow and lethargic, but you should not rush them, otherwise problems may arise.

Cities and Resorts in Morocco