Cities and Resorts in Poland


Świnoujście, or Świnoujście, is a city on the coast, almost at the border with Germany, with modern hotels, holiday homes, beaches and ample opportunities for treatment.


The resort is famous for the largest and cleanest sandy beach in the country. It is framed by pine trees, so you can breathe clean air while relaxing. In addition, the beach is well equipped – it has umbrellas and sun loungers, lifeguards and attractions for children. And the sea here is shallow, so the water is always warm.

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Usually tourists come here just for medical rest. There are many sanatoriums here, of which the most famous are Sobotka, Swiatowid and Julia. If you are looking for something cheaper, then there are also options, for example, Polaris or Elpak.

They are treated here mainly with therapeutic mud and waters with iodine, boron and bromine. Treatment is indicated for diseases of the heart and circulatory system, problems with the musculoskeletal system and respiratory tract, obesity, etc. An additional effect is provided by the local air and maritime climate. Almost all sanatoriums are located near the beach, renovated and have a pleasant rest and relaxation.


Svinouste is good not only for the beach and sanatoriums, but also for interesting sights. For example, you can visit the lighthouse near the Svina River – the highest building on the Baltic Sea, built in the middle of the 19th century. Around the same time, Fort Angela, a copy of the Roman castle Angela, was built. If you like religious monuments, then visit the Church of Christ the King, built instead of a Gothic cathedral, with a beautiful model of a ship, or the neo-Gothic church of Our Lady of the Star of the Sea from the 15th century.

In general, there are a lot of forts in the city, for example, the Gerhard Fort or the Western Fort, which hosts exhibitions dedicated to the socialist past of Poland.

There are other entertainments in the city – tennis courts, yacht trips or visiting a bird sanctuary. And from here it is very easy to go to Germany – Berlin is only a hundred kilometers away.


Where to relax in Poland to relax on the beach? An excellent place for this would be a young seaport, almost destroyed in World War II, but now rebuilt and very attractive for tourists.


The largest city beach is located at the sailing pier, within walking distance from the center. There are playgrounds on the beach, you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers, but there are no showers. A little further away are the beaches of Babie Doły, Orłowo, Redłowo and Srodmiescie, with a very developed infrastructure and more deserted than the main city.


Gdynia is very bright and spacious; it was actively built up in the 20-30s of the 20th century in the Art Nouveau style. There are no special ancient monuments here, but there are interesting architectural structures, for example, numerous churches. It is pleasant to walk in the areas of Redlevo and Orluv, with walking piers and excellent views of the sea. And in the Kempa-Redlevska nature reserve, citizens and tourists like to walk and play sports. You can look at the city from the Stone Mountain – an observation deck.

There are also two interesting museum ships moored in the city – “Blyskavitsa” and “Dar Pomozha”, a warship and a sailboat. In them you can see the ship’s interiors, buy souvenirs of the corresponding theme.

You can have fun in the 24-hour bars or watching concerts and performances on the Orłowo beach. There are also ample opportunities for outdoor activities – bike rental, tennis courts, golf courses and sailing schools.

With children, you can go to Jump City Trampoline Park, an interesting park for ski jumping. And in the Adventure Park Gdynia you can ride horses and ATVs, shoot archery, play paintball, etc.


There are not many shopping opportunities here, but there are several shopping centers, such as Klif, Batory near the train station and Riviera, which sell clothes of many famous brands.


Where to relax in Poland as actively as possible? Of course in the main ski resort of Zakopane.


Zakopane is as many as ten ski resorts. The most popular are Nosal, Polyana Shimoshkova and Kasprowy Wierch. There is no single ski pass here, so it is better to choose one zone for skiing at some height.

Kasprowy Wyerch is the most popular resort, with difficult pistes for professionals and a height difference of almost a kilometer. There are also sections for beginners. Gubałówka is also famous, mainly due to the funicular and six pistes, both for beginners and experienced. There is an area for snowboarders.

Other areas are also interesting, mainly with a variety of tracks. And Nosala has an excellent slalom slope and five very easy slopes for beginners.

All ski areas are well equipped, have a stable snow cover, equipment rental and other infrastructure.


The village is quite old, it was first mentioned in the 17th century. The architecture is mostly wooden, in a special Zakopane style – Villa Koliba, the “house under the fir trees” with the Thar Museum and other buildings were built in it. You can go to Chochołow with the houses of the highlanders of the XIX century. There is also an old knight’s castle nearby.

You can also go to the old mountain cemetery, where many famous figures of the country are buried.

Natural monuments are also good, for example, the Koshteli Tatra Valley with Lake Morskie Oko.


Shopping here is concentrated in the central market, on Krupovka Street. It is good to buy Turkish sheepskin coats – the prices are low, and the choice is wide. Woolen products, including felted ones, are also interesting.

Visa and customs

Poland is a member of the European Union, so citizens of the Russian Federation need a Schengen visa to visit it. Getting it is not difficult – just fill out an online application form, collect the necessary documents and make a 50% hotel payment if you are traveling on your own. You can even get a six-month or one-year visa.

Customs rules are pretty standard. The import of currency is not limited, you can import a certain amount of alcohol and cigarettes, as well as personal items. Dangerous substances and objects, gasoline in cans, meat and dairy products, drugs, etc. are prohibited for import. Items of artistic value are prohibited from export.

Cities and Resorts in Poland