Cities and Resorts in Seychelles

By | May 19, 2022


If you want to see the Seychelles, a Praslin tour is a great idea. There is a developed infrastructure and gorgeous beaches in small bays, allowing you to relax in seclusion.

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The main thing Praslin is famous for is its beaches:

  • Anse Kerlan – the longest on the island, with white sand framed by takamaka, with a luxurious Lemuria Resort hotel;
  • Petit Anse Kerlan – a small beach with a boat station;
  • Anse Lazio is a very picturesque bay with fine sand and perfectly clear sea. Here they constantly take photos for glossy magazines. There are a lot of people on weekends, but on weekdays you can swim calmly;
  • Anse Marie-Louise with the luxurious Chateau de Feuilles;
  • Anse Posession, a deep bay with coves, closed by the island of Curiosity. Great for picnics;
  • ABay Santa Anna – a village with a gorgeous beach, next to which an artificial island Eva is being created;
  • Anse Volbert is the main local beach, ideal for families with children. Near the town of Anse Volbert with hotels, restaurants and casinos;
  • Grand Anse is a small beach where tours are often sold, with cafes and relatively inexpensive hotels and guesthouses.


There are also many interesting places and entertainment on the island. There are many of them in the village of Grand Anse – these are ancient temples, a post office, a bank and numerous souvenir shops, as well as a monument of independence with a sea coconut – the symbol of the Seychelles.

Many palm trees can be seen in the Valee De Mai park, including the rare sea palms that produce the famous coco de mer nuts. Black parrots, the rarest in the world, also live here. The north of the park is ideal for diving.

Be sure to check out the Black Pearl Farm – mollusks that produce black pearls are bred here. The farm has a jewelry store.

If you love paintings, visit the Island Art Gallery, which exhibits the work of local masters. Joroj Camille is especially famous with his paintings reflecting the beauty of the Seychelles.

For diving, you can visit one of the professional centers – Octopus, Whitetip Divers or Bleu Marine. There are other active and nightlife activities, such as Praslin’s Casino in the northeast of the island, as well as various clubs, discos, sports fields and a golf course at the Lemuria Resort.


There are no special shops here, but it is on this island that it is easiest to buy the famous coco de mer, or purchase black pearl products at the Black Pearl factory.


If you want to relax in the Seychelles as calmly as possible, tours to the Frigate are what you need. The island-hotel is only one by two kilometers in size – a real tropical paradise.


The resort is very small, so there are only seven beaches. The best is Anse Victorin, at the only hotel. On the south coast, you can dive well and admire the colored corals.


There are no special attractions here. The frigate is notable for the fact that it used to be often visited by pirates, so tourists sometimes find their personal belongings here. But the flora and fauna are much more interesting – rare birds (especially frigatebirds), huge turtles, tropical palm trees, bamboo fields, etc.

All entertainment is mainly concentrated in the Fregate Island hotel, designed for only 40 guests – there is a tennis court, gym, spa, restaurants, library, yacht club and rental of equipment and vehicles.

Visa and customs

Holidays in the Seychelles are also good because of the absence of visa formalities. Without a visa, you can stay on the island for 30 days, then this period can be extended at the embassy, but you will have to pay 440 dollars.

Entrance is now duty-free, but there used to be duties. They can be introduced again – find out such information in advance. To enter the country you will need a passport, return tickets and a reservation of accommodation. Sometimes they require documents confirming solvency.

Customs rules are standard – the import and export of foreign currency is unlimited, cigarettes, alcohol and personal items are transported in reasonable quantities without duty. It is forbidden to import dangerous items and substances, fruits and vegetables.

IMPORTANT: Sea nuts and tortoise shells cannot be exported without permission.


The national currency is the Seychellois rupee. They accept euros and dollars, but the exchange rate is unfavorable. Money is changed at the airport, banks and hotels. Keep your receipt so you can exchange money back on departure. Master Card and Visa credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, but there are few ATMs.

Cuisine and restaurants

The national cuisine here is predominantly Creole, with French elements. The main product is fish and seafood, as well as rice, vegetables and, of course, fruits.

Here are the most popular dishes:

  • Rice with fish;
  • pumpkin puree;
  • Bourgeois baked fish;
  • Fried eggplant with spices;
  • Bananas stewed or fried in oil;
  • Green vegetable broth;
  • Small trululu crabs with sauce;
  • Octopus in coconut sauce.

Traditional drinks are fermented cane or coconut juice, as well as mint tincture. Tea and coffee are popular.

Cities and Resorts in Seychelles