Cities and Resorts in South Korea


If a holiday in Korea should be active for you, then welcome to Yengpyen – the country’s first ski resort. Located in an ecologically clean place, lovers of outdoor activities really like it.


There are 31 ski slopes in Yengpyen, designed for different levels of experience. For example, the Yellow Course is for beginners, while the fairly long Rainbow Paradise and Pink Run are suitable for intermediate skiers. For experienced athletes, there are more difficult tracks Gold Fantastic and Gold Valley.

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There are 15 lifts here, 14 of them are chair-type, as well as a gondola designed for 8 skiers. With their help, skiers can climb the slopes where the 1999 Gangwon Asian Winter Games were held, as well as the Ski World Cup. For lovers of snowboarding there is a fully equipped area.

After active skiing, you can visit the sauna or swimming pool. There is also an opportunity to visit a game park and a six-hole indoor golf club, an archery or tennis and croquet court, a gym or a billiard room.


Muju is another excellent Korean ski resort, which is also interesting for its attractions, which means that you can visit it all year round.


The most visited slope in Muju has a length of 6 kilometers and many difficult jumps. Skiers who want to ride the country’s longest slope “Silk Road” with a height of 6100 meters will be delivered to the beginning of the descent by 15 lifts.

For visitors there is a ski school where you can work out with experienced local and Australian instructors and ski experts.

Near the resort area of Muju there are springs with hot water (temperature is about 40 degrees), as well as a SPA complex, where there are solariums, saunas, massage rooms and diagnostic rooms.


In Muju, you can climb to a height of about 1600 meters, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the ruins of the Jeoksansanseong fortress. In the past, it was one of the five places dedicated to storing historically important records of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

Do not forget to visit the highest mountain in the country – Chirisan (1915 meters) and the legendary Haeinsa Monastery – the place where Buddhist sutras are kept. Nearby is an example of ancient architecture – Najetomun Gate, as well as Maisan Mountain and Bennyongsa Temple, worthy of a visit.


Incheon is a rapidly developing and growing city with an abundance of entertainment and attractions. He is especially loved by young people.


Incheon City Museum is the first public museum in the country, opened to the public in 1946 to study and actively explore the cultural and historical values of Incheon. By the centenary of the city (1984), a complex was opened in honor of the Incheon landing operation, as well as a Memorial Hall. Currently, there is a lot of video and photo materials telling about each stage of the landing. The complex includes an eighteen-meter memorial tower and 16 national flags of countries that participated in the Korean War.

You can also visit the quarter for recreation and entertainment Wolmi.


The most popular and trendy area of the city – Sinpo-dong – a place that is constantly changing and surprising with new products. The traditional Sinpo Market, as well as the Yankee Market, are the main points of Korean shopping. Fans of original pastime and the purchase of interesting goods are advised to find the entrance to the local underground mall Down Town, (located between DongIncheon Station and Sinpo-dong).


Do you want to combine swimming with excursions on vacation in South Korea? Then Busan is waiting for you – one of the most popular seaside resorts. There are places for noisy parties, as well as for relaxing on the beach.


The beaches of Busan are clean and well-groomed, they are distinguished by a developed infrastructure.

Haeundae is one of the most visited beaches in Busan. In summer, there are not only tourists, but also Koreans from all over the country, in winter it is quite cozy and quiet here.

Renting a sun lounger and an umbrella will cost about 9 euros. Nearby there are restaurants, bars, stations for water sports. Here is the most beautiful Busan Aquarium with a variety of marine life. On clear days, Tsushima, an island in Japan, is visible from the beach.

Seongjong is a crescent-shaped beach with shining sand covering and stretching for more than a kilometer along the bay. It is calm here even at the height of the season, but this beach is open only from 16 to 18 hours (it does not work at all in winter).

Kwanalli is a local beach where the sea waters are quite calm. For a length of about 1.4 kilometers, you can relax quite secluded, there are all conditions for a family holiday.


Temple complex of Pomos (VII century). There is a temple with a ceremonial hall Donjon, a stone three-tiered pagoda, a single-pillar gate, eleven hermitages with Buddha statues, Western and Eastern Wonyoam Pagoda;

Temple-Dragon Palace. It is located on the coastline. Here you can visit the Pagoda of Prayers for Road Safety, as well as a hot spring and Seokbulsa Temple.

Yongdusan park. Here is the Busan Tower (118 meters), from the observation deck which offers breathtaking views. Nearby is the Forty Steps area – restored streets that convey the flavor of the country in the 1960s;

Nakdong Bird Reservation. Here in the autumn-spring period (October-May), about 150 species of birds build their nests.

Museums. The Busan Museum with 25 thousand exhibits is interesting, as well as the Art Museum with the works of ancient and modern artists of the country and the Museum of Modern History

With children, you can visit the city aquarium

Of interest is the local cinema center built for the Busan International Film Festival.


The must-see shopping destination in Busan is Chakalchi Fish Market. Come here in the morning. Purchased fish will be cooked with pleasure in restaurants above this market.

At Canton Market you can buy spices, produce and interesting things. Don’t forget Nampodong, Gwangbokdong and Cooke markets. If you are looking for shoes, clothes and accessories from Western brands, you should visit Shinseke and Lotte shopping centers.

You can get medical advice and purchase products of traditional medicine on Semyon Street. Also in Busan there is a duty free shop near the Paradise Hotel (on Haeundaegu) with an assortment of duty free (you need to show your passport, as well as a return ticket).

Cities and Resorts in South Korea