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As part of the Visiting Student Program, I studied a quarter at California State University East Bay from September to December 2012. During the time I took OpenUniversity courses for which I had obtained an accreditation form in advance at my university so that the later credit could be easily carried out. I took the following courses there: Management Science, Project Management and Human Resource Management.

Some friends of mine have also studied abroad in the States. This made me aware of your website and it quickly aroused interest.
After exchanging experiences, I decided to study abroad there as well. Despite the fact that I had decided at very short notice to do a semester abroad in the United States, thanks to the help of your website I was able to organize everything on time.

Proof of language proficiency was required for admission to the Visiting Student Program. I was able to take the so-called DAAD language test at our university in the linguistics faculty without any problems. This did not make the application difficult.

Financial confirmation was also required. I was able to solve this cleverly by raising the money, depositing it into my account and thus getting the confirmation, which was accepted by the American university without any problems. To be honest, I was only able to resolve this with the help of my friends who have already been through this.

Organizing accommodation in Hayward was a bit problematic in my case. I couldn’t find a place to stay at first because everything would be very expensive for one person. Through a few emails I came into contact with other nice fellow students and with the friendly support of the fellow students who had already been there, I was able to contact their house owners directly. I found rooms in a shared apartment in the immediate vicinity of the university, where the rents averaged between 450 and 550 US- $. In general, the rent index in the Bay Area is very high, so if you want a 1-room apartment you have to plan a lot more. There is also the possibility to move into the student dormitory,

Hayward and Cal State East Bay:

Hayward is a very centrally located city in the middle of the Bay Area, east of San Francisco, south of Berkeley and north of San José, the heart of the technology world, where many well-known companies such as Apple, IBM, Google, Yahoo or Facebook have theirs Have headquarters. Since the distances in the states are not even close to the distances in Germany, I would advise you to buy a vehicle after arrival, as using public transport is very time-consuming. Check jibin123 to see more reviews from current students.

The modules I took there were Open University courses that are usually very difficult to get into. But with a friendly and serious impression of the lecturers, you can still ensure that they expand the capacity of the course, especially for you, and that you still get the course. You don’t have to worry about the level of difficulty. The courses are somewhat pleasant in terms of level and the assessment is very fair. In contrast to the German education system, which generally conveys dry theory, every course in the states is associated with a very high proportion of practice. This is less about memorizing dry facts. Rather, the lecturers encourage the students to put the theoretical knowledge they have acquired into practice.


My stay in California was about 4 months and it was definitely worth it, not just because of the language, but also to get to know other cultures and people from different countries for the first time and to share my own experiences secondly. United States is very big and once you get there you have a completely different picture. The locals are also very nice and friendly. Anyway, I am still in touch with my new American friend and will visit her again at some point.

Tips / Fun:

San Francisco is in the immediate vicinity and is a very interesting city that you can see and do a lot. Such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Alcatraz, Chinatown and much more. However, in America you are dependent on the car. There are two ways to buy a car or rent a car. A mobile pedestal is indeed the safest way to get ahead if you spontaneously decide to drive into the city in the evening. Alternatively, you can also take the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Although it is not qualitative like German trams or regional trains, it still fulfills its purpose. The disadvantage is: the last train arrives at midnight and it is not safe at that time.

By contrast, you can explore almost all of California by car. Such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas or San Diego. All beautiful and big cities are 4-8 hours away which is not much in America.


Studying a semester abroad in the States was the best decision I could ever have made. I got to know people from all over the world, had a lot of fun, experienced and seen great things. The students are very open, nice and are always happy to meet new people. In my opinion, the experiences you have through such a semester abroad are priceless and you will find friends forever who you can continue to visit. I will actually continue to tell this experience in two generations.

CSUEB Department of Ethnic Studies