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By | January 9, 2023

Delaware History

English explorer Henry Hudson discovered Delaware Bay in 1609. It is named after the first Governor Virginia, the Baron of Warr. The region is then populated by Amerindians Lenapes (or Delawares). In 1638, Swedish settlers melted the first permanent establishment, Fort Christina (now Wilmington), and a colony that is called News-Sweden.

The Dutch of Netherlands News seized in 1655 but immediately entered into a fight with the British Virginia. The region is taken over by the latter in 1664. Attributed in 1682 to William Penn, it integrates Pennsylvania and then has an independent legislative body in 1704. After having adopted a constitution that turns it into a State, it is one of the thirteen English colonies to proclaim its independence in 1776. The new state takes an active part in the War of Independence in the course of which the British occupy Wilmington (Battle of Brandywine, 1777) then block Delaware Bay. December 7, 1787, Delaware becomes the first state to ratify the United States federal constitution. In 1802, French chemist Eleutério Ireneu DuPont de Nemours melts a cannon powder factory near Wilmington.

It develops rapidly during the nineteenth century. Diversifying its activities, it quickly becomes a company of national scope. Although a slave, the State of Delaware refused, in 1861, to make a secession despite its southern sympathies. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Delaware became one of the main centers of the chemical industry in the United States. The new transport infrastructures favored, in the 1920s, the development of new economic sectors (synthetic textiles, mass poultry production). These attract new immigrants (Italians, Poles, Russian Jews).

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Private Schools in Delaware by County

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