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By | May 19, 2022



In total, there are several dozen beaches in Hurghada, and every year more and more sectors of the coast are redeemed by hotels in order to equip places for recreation with the greatest comfort. For a tourist, this means that you will have to pay “baksheesh” also for entry, and not just for a sunbed and rental of equipment for diving or windsurfing.

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Among the best beaches in Hurghada, the top 5 looks like this:

  • Dream Beach
  • Giftun Island
  • Mojito Beach;
  • Old Vic
  • Paradise Beach



Tourists go to Cairo for the sake of two sightseeing directions: trips to the Egyptian Museum, or starting tours to Giza, to the pyramids, or to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. The city itself, for the most part, is of importance only to those who are interested in the late history of Arab Egypt.


If you start walking around the Cairo markets, it is best to start from the Khan el-Khalili market – tourists are always welcome here, you can even hear Russian speech. There are a lot of familiar shopping centers in New Cairo – for example, CitySyar, where there are only 6,000 stores officially.

Sharm El Sheikh


The specificity of the beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh is that the coast of the resort, indented by bays, is divided into so-called zones, which are becoming more and more every year. Each zone, in turn, is divided between hotels, which guarantees the best service, quality equipment and cleanliness of both sand and sea water.

The most popular beach areas of the resort are:

  • Bay of Sharm el-Sheikh;
  • Bukhta Naama;
  • Sharks Bay.


The main, and, according to experienced tourists, the only inexpensive shopping street in Sharm is the Old Market. In fact, the street is one big market, where hundreds of shops and stalls are combined into a large oriental bazaar. The rest of the resort’s shopping areas are within walking distance from the hotels – these are European boutiques designed for wealthy tourists.



The uniqueness of Safaga is that this resort does not yet have a large number of luxury hotels that are buying up coastal sectors. Therefore, tourists can rest easy throughout the entire 20-kilometer coastal zone. On well-groomed sites, you will have to pay for the service, and wild beaches are absolutely free for recreation and extreme sports.


Shopping opportunities in Safaga are very limited, but this young resort boasts its own Duty-Free shop, which you will not find in a number of other cities in Egypt.


Going to Egypt and returning home without souvenirs is a real tourist crime. Among the handicraft copies of the sphinxes and the pyramid of Cheops, you can name a number of things that will remind you of the trip.


The symbol of the high technology of Ancient Egypt has now become just a souvenir aimed at decorating the interior. Ideally, you need to buy it after a tour of the Papyrus Museum in Cairo, where souvenirs are made in front of guests. There you can also ask to apply the desired pattern to it.

Camel wool and leather

Sold in any market for very little money. You need to take it, if only because in Russia any products made from camel wool are very expensive.


Although they are no longer hung on the walls, a real oriental carpet will always be considered the best gift for yourself or a loved one. The only thing to remember is checking in luggage and overpaying for large dimensions and weight.

Scarab beetle

Of course, not a living insect, but an amulet made of semi-precious stone, or even wood, will be an excellent gift “for good luck.”


A very cheap souvenir, but thanks to its smell, it will remind you of the trip for a very, very long time.

Visa and customs

For citizens of Russia, a tourist Egyptian visa for 30 days is issued upon arrival, right at the airport. Tourists are charged a fee of $ 25 and are required to present a passport valid for 6 months after the end of the trip and a tourist voucher.

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