Landmarks in Thailand

Entertainment in Thailand

Mostly adult tourists come to Thailand, but some of them take children on vacation, so there are opportunities for both adult and children’s recreation and entertainment separately, as well as for a comfortable family vacation and a bright pastime.

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Adult Entertainment in Thailand

  • Show for adults. Special shows for adults with erotic programs are popular among tourists: Tiffany, Alcazar, peep shows and gay shows. Some of the shows may be somewhat shocking, but most of them are colorful celebrations with songs, dances and humor;
  • Night clubs. There are especially many of them in Pattaya and Bangkok, so nightlife lovers from all over the planet flock to Thailand. Local nightclubs are no different from all other clubs, people come here to drink, have fun and chat;
  • Quite expensive entertainment in Thailand, but at the same time popular. The opportunity to go fishing and carefully examine the exotic inhabitants of river and sea waters attracts many tourists to this type of pastime;
  • In Thailand, diving is popular with both beginners and experienced scuba divers, and the beauty of the underwater world of the kingdom will not leave anyone indifferent;
  • Local boxing is especially popular with local residents, but tourists often come here, especially as part of excursions, or when they come on their own.

Entertainment for children in Thailand

  • The largest aquarium in Southeast Asia is located in Bangkok and is called Siam World. Tourists come here on excursions with the whole family;
  • There are many water parks in Thailand, but the most popular of them, especially among young tourists, are located on the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui, in Pattaya and Bangkok;
  • Zoo. This is a great opportunity to consider various representatives of the animal world and show them to children. Both locals and tourists come to local zoos. Interestingly, in Thai zoos, visitors are allowed to feed the animals.

Family holidays in Thailand

Massage. One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time in Thailand is to visit a Thai massage based on acupressure on the person being massaged. Both adults and children like local massage, so tourists go to it with the whole family.

Landmarks of Thailand

Thailand, whose sights are priceless shrines of Asian culture, is represented, first of all, by ancient monasteries and temples, majestic royal residences. The grace of local architecture, the monumentality of sculptural compositions, ornate decorative elements are the embodiment of the most ancient traditions of the East.

Numerous Thai national parks are natural areas preserved in their original form, allowing you to forget about the hustle and bustle of ordinary life and relax your soul.

Local museums offer tourists to see special expositions that introduce the centuries-old history and culture of the kingdom and provide interesting information about its present.

Thailand Hotels

For the most part, Thailand, where hotels and inns are available for every income and taste, offers fairly affordable prices for accommodation in establishments of a good level. There are no hotel “stars” here, and the levels of establishments are determined by tour operators based on personal objective and subjective ideas. On the local islands of Chang, Koh Samui, Samet, you can rent small bungalows or rooms in comfortable hotels (similar to the 4-5 * level). Basically, this knowledge is not higher than a couple of floors, fitting into the picturesque landscapes of the islands.

In Pattaya and Phuket, there are designer hotels for discerning people and family hotels. Bangkok has different accommodation options depending on the needs and requirements of tourists. Meals here are mainly carried out in local restaurants, bars and cafes.

A bed in Bangkok hostels costs about 275 THB per night, a luxury hotel room (analogue of 5 *) – at least 2250 THB per day, a room in a Pattaya mini-hotel – from 590 THB per day, a luxurious hotel room costs from 3400 THB per night. A hotel room (analogous to 3 *) in Phuket costs 220 THB per day, a room in an upscale hotel (analogous to 5 *) – from 1750 THB per day.

Climate of Thailand

The climate in Thailand is subequatorial and humid tropical, very diverse. From May to November it is very humid and it rains. From November to February, the weather in Thailand is a bit cooler and drier, and it is at this time that everyone prefers to relax here. Therefore, Thailand is so attractive for Russian tourists, because it allows you to escape from winter into summer.

Visa to Thailand

Russian citizens do not need a visa to Thailand if they are going to the country for tourism purposes for up to a month. To extend your stay in Thailand, you can go to any nearby state and immediately return back. This simple action will allow you to stay in Thailand for another 30 days thanks to the border crossing stamp.

Landmarks in Thailand