Exchange Study in Uruguay

The recipe for South America is simple. Start with the joy of life and hospitality. Then add a mix of modern cities and relics from the Inca Empire. Sprinkle with fascinating wildlife and unique scenery. Then you have a bit of what a stay as an exchange student in Uruguay gives you.

As a country that begins with letter U according to Trackaah, Uruguay is located between Argentina and Brazil off the east coast, where you can find warm beaches and holiday areas. It is a democratic and secure country in great development. Uruguay has only 3.4 million inhabitants, but is among the richest countries in South America, and the country boasts that 95% of their electricity comes from renewable energy such as. wind farms.

As an exchange student in Uruguay, you will experience how Native American past and modern culture, forts and shipwrecks from colonial times as well as the legendary gaucho culture live door to door with freedom and tolerance. And no matter where you live, you will be greeted by people who with open arms proudly show off the beautiful country – and you will easily make new friends.

The capital, Montevido, is a large, beautiful city with beaches, cultural experiences and many opportunities for shopping. Carnival in February is very famous and people flock to the cities, especially in Artigas as it is very inspired by the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Uruguay is a very relaxed country, which is contagious at school, work and family. Punctuality is not something you go into very much.

An exchange stay in Uruguay opens your mind! Are you ready to go on an adventure?

  • CAPITAL CITY: Montevideo
  • LANGUAGE: Spanish
  • CURRENCY: Peso
  • AREA: 176,215 km2
  • POPULATION: 3,430,000

People and community

Uruguay People and community

Young people in Uruguay are very socially inclined. They meet in friends’ homes, in the city center, go out to eat, go to the cinema, go out and dance or just hang out at a local cafĂ©. Most students join sports teams or go to a gym in the afternoon – football and basketball are popular.

The families are often very large, so you can expect to get a lot of new family members. They are very close and you do a lot together. Parents and children usually have an open relationship where they discuss opinions and plans, but parents usually get the last word. Do not miss family dinners and the opportunity to improve your Spanish while talking about the day’s events.


Uruguay Schooling

According to TopSchoolsintheUSA, the school week runs from Monday to Friday. The classes can be located in the morning (from 08-13) or in the afternoon (from 13-18). The school year starts in March and ends in December. Usually there are about 35 students in each class and it is standard that the students wear school uniform.


Uruguay Language

In Uruguay, the official language is Spanish, but many also speak English, Italian, German, French or Portuguese. If you know basic Spanish, it will undoubtedly be an advantage, although it is not a requirement to get to Uruguay. However, you are encouraged to take language lessons, and the local AFS volunteers will possibly help arrange an independent language learning for you during the first months.


Uruguay Food

Many families meet on Sundays to eat asado – the famous grilled meat from Argentina / Uruguay. In Uruguay, people drink a cup of caffeinated green tea called ‘mate’, often while talking about how they feel. You often go out to eat together, and lunch is the main meal and thus also hot.