The national cuisine of China is very ancient and widely known throughout the world. Since China occupies a fairly large area, and each region has its own traditions and characteristics, the cuisine in them is different. Let’s talk about the most popular and famous.

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Beijing cuisine

The basis of the cuisine of this region is rice. It is served here as a dish on its own, added to meat, vegetables and fish. From meat here they prefer lamb, pork, as well as poultry. Here are some dishes that are typical for Beijing, northern or imperial cuisine:

Peking Duck;

Beggar chicken – chicken baked in clay, stuffed with cabbage, herbs, onions and champignons and wrapped in lotus leaves;

Pork in sweet and sour sauce;

Chinese samovar from many components;

Chinese dumplings, can be both with vegetables and meat;

Dandelion salad.

Shanghai cuisine

In the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, it is customary to add rice vodka and a large amount of spices to meat, and many dishes contain fish and seafood:

Duck in Shanghai;

Soy pie with fish – tofu;

Hairy freshwater crab;

Cabbage soup with pork;

Mushroom noodle soup;

Calamari in spicy garlic sauce;

Eel with garlic in wine;

Noodles fried with shrimp.

Cantonese cuisine

Very refined, the dishes here are prepared in unusual ways from unusual ingredients. When cooking, the meat of turtles, snakes, dogs, cats and other animals is used. Light snacks are very popular with locals. Even if you don’t like the exotic, it’s worth a try:

Daikon pies;

Chinese dumplings fried in oil;

Steamed fish;

Rolls with rice noodles;

Shark fin soup;

Dumplings for a couple of dim sum;

Lynx post-Cantonese.

Sichuan cuisine

It is famous all over the world for its spicy and spicy dishes – garlic, red pepper, anise, coriander, sesame and many other spices are always used in cooking. Products are most often steamed or smoked. Worth a try:

Szechuan style pork stew;

Little tofu, a meatless soy dish;

Szechuan style noodles, tribute tribute mian;

Gunbao chicken – spicy, with peanuts;

Duck baked in green tea;

King prawns seasoned with garlic;

Doufu is soybean cheese.

In general, Chinese cuisine is very interesting and varied, so you should definitely try it in all the regions you visit.

Landmarks of China

There are really a lot of sights in China, and it’s impossible to list them all. Of the natural attractions, one can note the Yunnan-Guizhou Highlands, Mount Taishan, the Dunbhuan caves with samples of ancient art, the stone forest in Wansheng, caves near Guangxi, and much more. However, many people value not natural, but architectural sights of China, which are mainly concentrated in cities, much more.


Beijing is not the oldest city in China, but perhaps the most interesting. To the northwest of it there are some sections of the Great Wall of China, in the city itself the Forbidden City deserves special attention – a unique palace complex, an architectural landmark, which has now been turned into an interesting museum.


This ancient city is home to the Terracotta Museum, which houses figures from the tomb of the famous Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

There are about a hundred unique garden and park ensembles here, which were created by whole generations of imperial dynasties.


This unique picturesque mountain is a highly revered shrine of Taoism. Not far from it is the temple of Confucius and the residence of Yanshenggong.


This ancient city was founded in the 7th-8th century BC. It has many ancient temples and monasteries, as well as the famous ancient six-kilometer city wall.

Many of the attractions and cities listed above are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


In this region there is a huge number of monasteries, Buddhist temples and monuments of ancient culture. The center of Tibet is considered to be Lhasa, which is definitely worth a visit to all connoisseurs of oriental culture and philosophy.

Amusement parks

China is famous not only for its sights and beaches – there are a lot of large, interesting and extreme amusement parks. One of them, for example, is located in the city of Guangzhou. There is also a zoo and a unique eco-hotel.

Beijing ‘s Happy Valley also deserves attention, as it has many world-class attractions and interesting themed areas. By the way, there are parks with the same name in other cities of China, and in all of them you can have a good rest with the whole family.

In Changzhou, an amazing Dinosaur Island is open in the summer, with interactive exhibits and attractions for both children and adults.


Some time ago, skiing in China was very unpopular. However, the government decided to support the local ski resorts, and their level has skyrocketed, so now China has excellent conditions for skiing. The season opens in some places already in September, although it is better to come in November, so that the snow is definitely lying everywhere. The snow cover stays until April. At the same time, there are practically no abnormal frosts, the temperature does not fall below -10 degrees Celsius, which is very comfortable.

There are a lot of mountain ranges in China, so resorts are scattered almost throughout the country. The first season opens in the Wanlun resort. There are good resorts in the Tien Shan, both elite and very economical.

Many ski lovers stay in Chengbai – the snow for skiing here is just perfect, and since the resort is located in a nature reserve, all the tracks pass through very picturesque places. In addition, the resort has hot springs.

The Alshan resort is popular with beginners and experienced skiers, which, by the way, also has the best cross-country skiing trails.

The largest ski resort in China is Yabuli. Tourists like it due to its diverse terrain, numerous trails of different lengths and complexity, jumps, as well as a large freestyle area. The landscapes here are also very picturesque.

The Chinabaishan resort attracts tourists not only with interesting trails, but also with unique three- and five-kilometer slopes.

If you mainly snowboard, then you should visit the Nanshan resort with interesting slopes of different levels. Children’s recreation is well organized here – there are separate tracks and you can, for example, ride snowmobiles.

Another interesting resort is Silin, which is called the Eastern Alps. It is very modern and better equipped than other resorts. In addition, it is very easy to get to Xiling from Chengdu city.

Landmarks of China