Holidays in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a country that in less than a century has become a symbol of the advanced development of the East, and tourism has played an important role in this. Resorts that have grown up in the middle of the desert attract with luxury, exceptional service and unique charm that only an eastern country can have. And our tourists regularly choose holidays in the UAE, despite all the global crises.

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Pros and cons of the UAE


  • Developed leisure industry – for children and adults
  • Possibility to relax all year round
  • Active recreation, both on land and at sea
  • Tradition and modernity – ancient mosques and the world’s tallest skyscrapers
  • Rich cultural and festival life
  • Shopping for every taste


  • Very expensive holiday in comparison with the same Egypt
  • Prohibition – in a number of emirates, alcohol is under the strictest ban
  • Extremely hot weather in summer
  • Sharia is the basis of the Arab way of life, and tourists have to reckon with it


The Arab Emirates are located in the subtropical climate zone with the strongest influence of the desert. In summer, temperatures are record high, and in winter the air remains warm to the average maximum of most Mediterranean countries. Precipitation in the form of rain falls little, most of it in the winter months.

How to get there

By plane

The only acceptable way to get to the Emirates for Russian tourists is by plane. Currently, direct regular and charter flights depart from 4 cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. The flight time for any of the options takes about 6 hours.


The most popular type of public transport in the Emirates is a developed network of bus routes that connect almost all cities and regions. The fares are reasonable, and the transport itself is equipped with air conditioning, and sometimes TVs.

Taxis in the country are not a luxury, and sometimes a vital necessity. An interesting fact is that private cab drivers take much less money than state taxi drivers. Everything is explained simply – you can bargain with such drivers before the passenger got into the car.

You can rent transport in the UAE, but at your own risk. Most of the road signs outside the city limits are in Arabic and they can provide important information. For traffic violations, guests are fined severely, up to prison and subsequent deportation.


The official currency of the UAE is the dirham, AED. There are 100 fils in 1 dirham.

All official financial procedures in the country are carried out only in the national currency, although a number of hotels can accept both dollars and euros. But be prepared for the fact that you have to overpay for “commissions”.

You can exchange money at any bank branch, but their schedule is specific – from 8:30 to 13:00. Some banks are open in the evenings, but they are few and far between.


What vacation in the UAE can do without going to local restaurants, cafes or small eateries, which will abound in any area of resort towns. For some, the local cuisine will seem too familiar, and for good reason – many dishes repeat the recipes for dishes known in the Caucasus or other Muslim regions.

  • Meshui-mushakkal is the most luxurious dish, consisting of several varieties of meat, fried in olive oil, but before that marinated using a secret technology. There are many recipes – each emirate has its own secret
  • Kebab – this word, familiar to everyone since childhood, the Arabs call any meat cooked on a spit, over an open fire.
  • Biryani is a kind of pilaf made from a special variety of rice. Instead of halal meat, fish can be used, and for vegetarians, a set of vegetables
  • Briki – pie in Arabic. The filling is the most diverse – from red fish to shrimp
  • Ash-asaraya – the most famous Arabic dessert, an analogue of cheese pies

Frequently asked Questions


Is it true that an unmarried couple cannot share the same hotel room?


Yes, this is true, Sharia law prohibits a man and a woman who have not entered into an official relationship to sleep in the same bed. Such couples are settled in neighboring rooms.


How is crime in Dubai? I heard that it is dangerous for tourists to walk on the street at night.


Dubai, despite its reputation as the night capital of the Emirates, is one of the safest cities in the world. Police patrols are on duty here at any time of the day.


Is there no all inclusive system in the Emirates? If so, which hotels?


You need to look at the specific offer for the tour. Most often, only five-star hotels work according to such a system, and even then not always.

Holidays in United Arab Emirates