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Getting around Hong Kong is facilitated by efficient public transport.


By direct flight from Helsinki

Air connections to Hong Kong are excellent as a long-haul destination. Finnair operates daily between Helsinki and Hong Kong. The price for round trips is usually 800 – 1,200 euros and the journey takes ten hours. During the holidays and during the busiest holiday seasons, flight prices to Hong Kong rise slightly, but for the most part the price level remains stable throughout the year.

Hong Kong Airport is located about 40 kilometers from the city center and is built entirely on an artificial island. From the airport, it is also possible to travel to the city center by bus or taxi, but the fastest and definitely easiest way is to use the metro line, which takes you to the heart of the activity in less than half an hour.

Hotels and accommodation

The hotel offer in Hong Kong is quite good and high quality. Most of the accommodation options are above the middle of the star scale.

However, prices have not gotten out of hand. In most cases, a double room can be detached from a mid-range hotel for around 70 euros. However, the traveler should consider the impact of travel time and seasons on room availability and pricing policy.

Easy to get around

Hong Kong’s public transport is provided by subways, buses, trains, trams, ferries and taxis. Depending on the situation, you can choose the most suitable option from the selection, but the metro is generally the fastest and most cost-effective way to move between different destinations. Renting a car in Hong Kong is not even worth considering.

The easiest way to use public transport is to get an Octopus Card. The card can be loaded with money and can be used in almost all public transport.



The best views of Hong Kong can be found by climbing Victoria Peak.

Magnificent views of Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak has long been one of Hong Kong’s most popular places to visit – and for good reason.

The mere ascent to a mountain rising to more than five hundred meters is memorable. The journey is worth folding with a metal-powered tram that rises a whopping 373 vertical meters at an incredibly steep angle.

At the top you can then calm down and admire the landscape. The view of Hong Kong city and nearby islands is breathtaking. Peak can hurt to your taste during the day or evening. With light, visibility is better, but at dusk, city lights come into their own.

At the top, it is definitely worth visiting the Peak Tower, which was renovated in 2006. The roof terrace of the tower in particular is worth experiencing.

Victoria Harbor light show

The deep and strategically important port of Victoria originally caused the British to occupy Hong Kong. Today, this port, located between the island of Hong Kong and the Kowloon Peninsula, is a very popular tourist destination.

Victoria Harbor is especially worth experiencing at dusk and on the Kowloon side. Skyscrapers that fill the skyline with their bright lights make the landscape very beautiful. The best way to admire the view is on a mini cruiser ride.

It is especially profitable to head to the port from eight in the evening. The “Symphony of Lights” starting at that time is a shocking experience. A total of 44 buildings on both beaches will embark on a light show accompanied by music.

Hustle and bustle on Hollywood Road, peace Man Mossa

With a good conscience, you can say that on Hollywood Road you will find everything you need. No consumer goods have yet been invented that would not be available from stalls, shops and stores along the way. The hustle and bustle of the street is incredible and the selection is staggering.

In the middle of the street, you should take a break so that you can end the market spin until the end. Peace is aptly found in Man Mosta, Hong Kong’s oldest temple. The traditional statues of the place of worship as well as the exotic soothing scent of incense bring a good counterbalance to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood Road.



Lantau Island’s Big Buddha Statue is one of Hong Kong’s most famous attractions.

The most popular attractions

  1. Victoria Peak
  2. Victoria Harbor
  3. Hollywood Road
  4. Giant Buddha
  5. Disneyland