How to Get Around Georgia

By | May 19, 2022

By plane

The easiest way is by plane, from Moscow to Tbilisi. There are flights from other major cities. Experienced tourists note that it is much easier and cheaper to first fly to Vladikavkaz, and then take a bus or car.

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By bus or taxi

Buses also run from St. Petersburg and Moscow, but the journey will take two days.

By train

The train to Georgia travels only through Azerbaijan. It takes two days to travel from Moscow to Baku, and about 15 hours to Tbilisi. Or you can take a train to Vladikavkaz, and then again by bus or taxi.

On water

In summer there is an opportunity to take a passenger ferry or a high-speed catamaran from Sochi to Batumi.


You can travel between cities by buses, trains and minibuses. Minibuses are the most popular, but often run without a schedule. Due to bad roads, they shake a lot, can be motion sick. Buses are more obligatory, they cost less than minibuses, but they go less often.

Trains are more expensive, the railway network is poorly developed, but you can admire the views along the way. You can fly from Tbilisi to Batumi by plane if you want to save time.

Public transport is very well developed in Tbilisi and Batumi. Tbilisi has a metro, minibuses and buses, a lot of taxis, and even a funicular and a cable car. Be sure to buy tickets – “hares” face heavy fines. There are also many buses and minibuses in Batumi. In other cities, transport is slightly less developed, but it is often pleasant to walk around them on foot or by taxi.

It is enough just to rent a car – you need an international driving license and a bank card. Signposts are often in English. Rent is not cheap, the roads are not very good, the situation on them too. Sometimes it is easier to hire a taxi driver for the whole day to take you around the city.


The local currency is lari. Almost everywhere they accept only them, in the markets sometimes they take euros, dollars and rubles, but the exchange rate is extremely unfavorable.

It is better to exchange currency in exchange offices and banks, which are even in small towns. It is quite easy to exchange rubles.

In large cities, bank cards are easily accepted, but in mountain villages, they cannot be used to pay.

Cuisine and restaurants

Many people choose Georgia for their holidays precisely in order to try the local diverse and abundant cuisine. So you should definitely try national dishes from different categories. Snacks:

  • Khachapuri is more of a full meal than an appetizer. Flatbread with cheese and various fillings. They cook them almost everywhere;
  • Lobio – boiled beans;
  • Pkhali – salad of beet leaves and spinach with walnuts and spices;
  • Alzhabsandal – vegetable stew;
  • Eggplant fried with nuts and garlic;
  • Kuchmachi – offal in a clay pan;
  • Local cheeses.

First meal:

  • Kharcho – thick beef soup;
  • Chikhirtma – chicken soup with eggs and flour;
  • Matsvins;
  • Khashi is liquid jelly.

Second courses:

  • Khinkali – something like our dumplings, made with different meats. Eat with hands, no sauce;
  • Barbecue – here it is called mtsvadi;
  • Chakhokhbili – chicken stewed in tomato sauce;
  • Chicken tobacco;
  • Braised lamb Chakapuli.

Many dishes are delicious to eat with local sauces.


  • Churchkhela;
  • Gozinaki – not to be confused with gozinaki;
  • Cakes – namtskhvari.

The drinks:

  • Local beer and lemonade;
  • Mineral water;
  • Wine;
  • Chacha and vodka.

You can dine anywhere in Georgia. In Tbilisi, be sure to check out the 24-hour traditional Machakhela restaurant, a restaurant in Mtatsminda park, establishments near the Mira post, as well as Legvi – traditional dishes are not served here, but a wonderful view opens from the windows.

A few hacks and tips

  • Rent a car, and best of all – a car with a driver. It will not cost very much, but you can easily see any sights, and the driver will tell you where to buy the best souvenirs;
  • Always check if the hotel has heating if you are traveling in the cool season – it can easily not be;
  • If you eat in a cafe and your khinkali is cold, be sure to ask them to fry – the taste is delicious;
  • If you go to the Tiflis bath, be sure to take off your silver jewelry – there is a lot of hydrogen sulfide in the water, and they will darken irreversibly;
  • In Batumi, be sure to visit the Turkish quarter – you can buy tobacco and coffee by weight for a penny;
  • To avoid a hangover, do not mix wine with chacha and wines of different colors;
  • Be sure to drink the real Borjomi – the taste here is simply amazing.

How to Get Around Georgia